Anantapur CI Rajasekhar dies of corona virus infection

Anantapur CI Rajasekhar dies of corona virus infection

CI Rajasekhar

Anantapur:  A police officer was killed along with covid-19 in Anantapur city. In Rajasekhara, CI Rajasekhar Corona, who was managing funds as Traffic CI in Anantapur town, died on Tuesday. He was pronounced dead at a local Savera Hospital.

Kovid is spreading very fast in Anantapur district. According to a bulletin released by the Andhra Pradesh Health Ministry this morning, 10 people have died in the district in the last 24 hours. 185 positive cases were reported today. So far 3651 cases have been registered in the district. Of these, 1456 cases were active. A total of 40 people have been killed so far. Anantapur district ranks third in terms of deaths. Kurnool district topped the list with 108 deaths, followed by Krishna district with 83 deaths.
Hindupuram MP Gorantla Madhav expressed shock over Rajasekhar‘s death. He said he performed duties very effectively as his contemporary while in the police department. The MP assured that the government would support the family of CI Rajasekhar in all possible ways.

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