Fabrics You Should Prefer While Buying Panties

Your underwear is like an all-day partner and as far as partners are concerned, they should be compatible, flexible and comfortable. That’s right, what your panties are made of is very important for how good they are going to be for you. Don’t settle for just anything cause certain occassions call for certain fabrics and materials, so here are some fabrics suggestions that you should prefer when you shop for your panties.

  1. Cotton

Cotton is by far the most comfortable fabric out there and this stands true for your underpants as well. Cotton panties are the best choice without a doubt. Cotton is best known for its breathability and when mixed with spandex it becomes very stretchy and a comfortable pick for everyday use. Be it for work, home or for going out etc. cotton feels soft on the skin and is breathable so it does not irritate the skin a lot keeping you comfortable for longer hours when you put them on. They are very good for your period days as well, as they help hold your sanitary pads in place preventing them from slipping and moving around too much. All in all, cotton is a go-to material for your panties. The fabric is just perfect for hot & humid Indian climates. 

  1. Modal

Modal is a man-made fabric and is a good choice when you wanna feel light and free. It has a plush hand feel and a subtle sheen and lustrous softness. It is a fluid garment that moves with you and doesn’t even feel like you’ve got a layer on your body.  These are usually available in soothing solid shades and good for everyday wear. Modal panties are very smooth and mostly seamless so works great under well-fitted clothes for a no panty line look. 


  1. Polyester / Polyamide

This is for your luxury wear. Polyester or polyamide is not something you would want to wear for regular days. It is tight knitted and less breathable for daily use but makes a really good option for you when you want to get that chic seamless look under a fitted bodycon dress. It has a subtle sheen to the fabric and a very light tummy controlling feature that makes your tummy look tucked in.  Polyester or polyamide panties work well during periods also as they aren’t very absorbent, they can resist staining your clothes.

  1. Lace

Now if we are talking about something really naughty, then nothing says it better than lace. Lace is a very exotic fabric and almost a see-through material depending on how it is layered and used. So if you want to spice up things in the bedroom or feel great about yourself in some sexy lingerie, lace would be the ideal pick for your panty collection. 

So keep an eye out for these fabrics and keep in mind the occasion you are buying your panties for the next time you plan lingerie shopping. For great lingerie options and collections online check out Clovia. Find all these fabrics under one roof and thank me later!

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