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India is a beautiful land of Poetry, Scenery, Language, Culture and Crafts. No other country in the world has the diversity that India possesses in terms of culture. In other words, this means that each and every culture and state has its own unique craft that has originated in its grassroots. With such a diverse cultural setting, is it any surprise that Indian Handicrafts have such a colossal market?


The heritage of Indian Handicrafts

Art is a unique way of depicting emotions to show the beauty of anything. Our country boast of an innumerable number of craft forms. Furthermore, our rich history has also been promulgating the importance of ancient Indian handicrafts since ages. Artisans creating articles with their innovation is the essence of handicrafts. It is this rich Indian heritage which connects India with the western world. Today, there are numerous such platforms which provide the desired opportunity to local artisans. India is a hub for these platforms promoting rural handicrafts.


In the olden days, people used handcrafted products as daily life articles. But now, over the years, we just use them for ornamental and decor purposes! During former times, humans were travellers and used natural materials to create articles, which they used for multiple purposes. But even today, nothing can replace the significance of the hand made and heart made. Although a lot of products are man-made, we must appreciate and honour traditional Indian Handicrafts and the people involved in making them. 

Born to the passion of discovering and exhibiting the love of Indian Handicrafts, ExclusiveLane showcases a wide range of Handmade products to domestic and international markets. Above all, they are here to preserve a traditional way of living and make it available to customers at an affordable price. They showcase handcrafted products from rural artisans. In addition, they also make sure that the artisans are keeping up the modernity of the products. While the artisans discover their talents in their crafts via trial and error, ExclusiveLane keeps the price of their masterpieces fair. 

Mughal Hand painted Ceramic Mugs 


I ordered this Mughal hand painted mug set from ExclusiveLane due to the immense beauty of the delicate hand painting. I am a lover of art and anything that is handmade. These detailed Mughal floral paintings remind me of the royal Mughal setup – the big tombs, the great celebrations and the enigmatic crowd. For instance, imagine the rivers, the royal emperors and the flowers. 

The smooth ceramic texture of the mugs and the beautiful colour pallet of white, blue and black give a soothing feel and a reminiscence of yesteryear. Mughal architecture and the tranquillity of Mughal gardens is the inspiration behind this beautiful mug set! These mugs have become an integral part of our daily routine, and they hold a good quantity of tea/coffee, where I can sit and chill for a romantic evening with my husband. 

The Copper Bowls – Table Planters 


A vast range of Indian Handicrafts make use of Copper, one of the most ancient materials known to humans. They are also one of the earliest used metals by man, due to their amazing properties. This beautiful glazed copper planter with black stand is a very modern and contemporary form of design. I have added a cactus and a snake plant into these premium looking copper bowls. You can keep them in any corner of the house, where you can enjoy their aesthetics. It is an ideal decorative planter-pot for placing your favourite plants on tables, enriching the atmosphere of your dining room, balcony or offices with vibrations of refreshment and some serene experience.


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