A point of no return is where no mind should go
And yet, we tread there
Gingerly, flailingly
Trying to see from the edge

Of what life is like
In the other world
The one
Where we think
Life will be beautiful

We have been denied a fair one here
And we see ourselves in pain
While others are happy
How do we cope?

Drugs can ease that pain
But not obliterate it
And so comes the urge
To find out

What life is like, on the other horizon
Sometimes we see someone calling us
Somebody we loved dearly
Sometimes we wish to disappear

From this life
Unloved, unwanted, not understood
Not welcomed
How do we live?

Maybe it is a hallucination
Maybe we misconstrue
Maybe we are too convoluted in our minds
To understand common, happy, human nature

And the day comes
When nothing matters
Our life doesn’t matter
Our talents don’t matter

In the end
It’s only love that can save us
But we are denied
So, we make our way

To the netherlands
The path of no return
Seeking happiness
Seeking peace

And then the circus begins
Of our lives laid out for all
To see
And pass on

Little forwards
On mental health
And to enter people’s doors
For a cup of coffee, a talk

That’s what it is
Just talk
Small talk
It doesn’t really matter

This day is over
Now, for the next, and the next
Life goes on
So does the small talk


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