Guide to instal the wanderuffles presets

These are the ultimate Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets to bang Instagram with unique and beautiful filters!


Works with?

-Lightroom Mobile (Android & IOS)

-Lightroom classic (Desktop)

*What’s in the package?

  • Total 11 Lightroom Presets 
  • 1 pack contains 5 and the other contains 6
  • 1  PDF containing step by step installation guide and FAQ’s

How to apply? / Editing guide

*Once you purchase, you will receive a pack of (5 DNG files if you purchase the pack of 5 presets / 6 DNG files if you purchase the pack of 6 presets and 11 DNG if you purchase the pack of 11 presets).



1. What are Lightroom presets?

“Presets” simply mean pre-adjusted saved settings in Adobe Lightroom so that you can apply the same settings to multiple photos without starting to edit all over again.


2. Why do I need Lightroom presets?

Who doesn’t want to get work at ease, right? With just one click you will be saving a lot of post-production time. 

These days having an aesthetic feed is a new game if you are a photographer, a blogger or an influencer. You feed should be pleasing enough for anyone to click that follow button or to like your work instantly.

You can use my presets to improve your content and have an exquisite feed of your own.


3. I’m a blogger/influencer, can I use the presets for my blog?
Yes, you can use the presets for all digital media content, as long as you have a purchased version of our presets.
All the presets on are copyrighted material, any unauthorized use, distribution, resale or misuse of ‘wanderuflles Presets’ will be met with legal action.


4. Are presets the same as Filters?
If you’re referring to mobile app filters, no they are not. Presets are open files of the edit-settings which you can further change to your liking, unlike filters which can’t be altered. 


5. What if the presets are not working for me? Can I return them?
We have spent a great amount of time in crafting the presets as per the suitable category of photos, so please go through the description of each pack before selecting which pack suits your photos the best.
We have created the presets to fit the maximum kinds of light conditions and colors. Although, minor adjustments need to be made as per your photo’s light conditions and skin tones to make the most of the presets.

As ‘Lightroom presets’ are a digital product, all sales are final. There will be no returns or refunds.
Presets are one of the steps to enhance your photos; a great photograph is made from your vision and composition.

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