How to wear red boots

How to wear red boots

Finally, I got them, my best bib and tucker!! yay! Yes, those luscious red boots are mine now.👢

How to wear red boots

How to wear red boots
In Love with this pair.

Hey everybody, I hope you all are doing great, so let’s jump into today’s blog because I can’t carry this excitement of sharing my new boots of the fall inside me anymore!

Imagine you visited your favorite store and that one thing really tempted you but you know you can’t buy it because you have just crossed your budget for that month. What do you do next?🙄

“Red soles make my heart go pitter and patter”

You buy it and get cut on your next month’s pocket money or forget it. ?

But what I do is, wait for the SALE season!!😉

Yes, in November 2018 I visited HM, Hyderabad and fell in love at first sight with this sensual pair of red boots.

I tried them on. I was happy and wanted to have them dearly in my closet.



How to wear red boots
Blur but in focus!

But I thought that 3000 rs would create a hole in my pocket. So I decided to give up on them.😥

Then a week ago there was this huge SALE going on in HM which pulled me(just kidding)to the store and luckily those red boots were still there, lying on the rack the same way I left them(just saying).

I am sure you must have heard of the phrase”When in doubt, wear red

And I did not think even twice, asked the salesperson to get me my size.(did I rhym?😛)

I had them again on my feet and yes this time I did not want them to let go.

And to my surprise, it was just for 1299 rs, exactly how I would love to see the price as.😜



I got them for less than half of the price. Isn’t it insane? I immediately rushed to the billing counter and got them billed.

Yayyy!!!Now I cannot wait to flaunt them in front of you guys! By the way, I write amazing travel content as well, click to read.

So without blabbering more, shall we get into the blog and know how we can style these beauties?


How to wear red boots


No doubt Red boots are a fad, in the Fashion industry which once considered tacky and the other moment they became a rage and let me tell you they were in vogue last year.🙃

And it continues to cast its spell this year too.💥

Stick to the end of the blog to know from where you can buy these red boots.

Red boots to brighten up your dull day?

Before you would say that these boots are impractical, unsuitable or non-viable and only Christmas appropriate, let me tell you that these vivacious boots are much more versatile than you would ever think.


How to wear red boots


Red boots not only act as an accessory like a cherry on a cake but also enlighten your dull day full of vibrance and exuberance.

If you believe in Power dressing, go for red boots indeed!

Just when you are having a bad outfit day, it’s like that red lipstick which instantly cheers you up with confidence, this coral pair of boots will make you stand out of the crowd because red is one color which denotes power, boldness as well as strength.👢😍

Trust me it does its job pretty well apart from saving us from the chilly winters.


How to wear red boots


I agree red boots are a tad bit tricky and complicated than black or nude boots to style because they say you will have all the attention to your feet from the rest of your outfit.

Yes, its true but don’t you worry I have got very simple yet stylish ways to pull these stunners looking absolutely a bombshell.

Look 1-

Basic is classic-red boots with jeans!

To start with -Team your show stopper with the basics and you can never go wrong.

Wear your basic t-shirt with jeans and red boots.

Try keeping the print of the t-shirt a low key or better it would be if its a plain t-shirt.


How to wear red boots


I am wearing a red plain t-shirt, tucked into my black high waisted ripped jeans and paired it with the boots.

It’s like a monochrome outfit if I can say that. Just to break the monotony it I am wearing black denim.😊

Love how this whole look is so flamboyant,and compliments me and gives me a boost.

To make the outfit look a little dramatic and dressed up, I am sporting a black fanny pack.

I think this look is a perfect replacement of party dresses in a more comfortable way while being dressed to the nines.

The red boots will dazzle the dance floor and will never disappoint you.

As Coco Chanel said “in order to be irreplaceable, one must be different”

This ensemble is different on its own. It carries pride, power, and passion.♥

You can go with a white plain t-shirt, half tuck into white denim with the red boots.


How to wear red boots


The white and red combination is a combination made in heaven.

Wanna go bang on? Then these pair of red boots from h&m will blow your mind!

It will make your boots stand out and if you want to pop out then this outfit is definitely for you.


How to wear red boots


Also, you can experiment with different colors t-shirts like grey, camel ,denim blue etc for a subtle and balanced look or if you are bold enough to give some real Fashion stigma to people and have all the eyes on you then go for striking colors like bright yellow, orange and pink teamed up with the red boots.

You can wear striped t-shirts over the denim paired it with the red boots.

Leather jacket with red boots – a classic composition!

Done a nude or black leather jacket over it to add an extra character to the outfit and you are ready to hit the streets looking fancy pants and sassy queen.

Look 2-

Overalls-how to wear red boots

Second is one of my favorites as this looks so Korean(cute) to me.


How to wear red boots


I am wearing this knitted black midi overalls and a peachy ruched off shoulder top from forever 21 inside it.

Love how this outfit is adding a quirk element to my personality.

I think it’s a perfect outfit for a birthday party or a weekend get together where you can flaunt your cute and adorable outfit.

Overall dress is not considered mainly as a wardrobe essential but they are multifunctional and dynamic that can be played around and styled in different ways.


How to wear red boots


I love how the slit of this overall dress gives a frivolous as well as a feminine taste to the look at the same time.

You can go for a t-shirt or a classic white shirt beneath if you are not comfortable wearing off-shoulder top.

Also, you can go for denim overalls, woolen or cotton overalls.

Go flirtatious with your red boots and slit dress!

Let one suspender of the overalls be undone or hang to show some blouse for a more playful and effortless look.

Red boots vacation outfits

You can fold your denim’s cuff (if you are wearing a denim overall)1 inch above the red boots to show some skin and a red bandana tied into a knot over the bun will leave you looking super lovable and adorbs.

You can wear this outfit to a vacation or any casual event.


How to wear red boots


Also, this location is so beautiful and elevating my outfit which I am super happy about.

Look 3-

Did you know you can wear your office wear as fancy wear by just adding little red?

Imagine you have a dinner party just after your office!

Before you put yourself in dilemma and think how you gonna pull out this situation because you don’t wanna carry an extra bag consisting of your dinner party outfit. Right?👗

What if I say you to stuff just a good pair of footwear in your tote?-in this case it’s  RED boots (it looks elegant and you will feel you have actually come to a dinner party) red lipstick and some dainty jewelry.


How to wear red boots


So for this look, I am wearing a simple and solid black Tee and kept the bottoms as checkered pants from office wear. To top it up I am wearing a striped shrug.

You can wear a black t-shirt beneath the shrug and any plaid or checkered grey /brown ankle pants to go with the red boots.👢


How to wear red boots

Wear red boots to knock out your office blues!

And you are ready to throw that confidence with such a balanced and an apt outfit for a dinner party right after your office.


How to wear red boots


Bold colors/hues-the girl boos diva!

Now, this look is totally for you if you are someone who loves to try bold colors and experiment with their ensembles like this one.


How to wear red boots
This is probably my favorite look!

I went a little over the top and wore what my heart screamed i.e fearless and passionate.♥

We have been always taught some Fashion rules since birth, which color to go with which and a combination like this –red and pink has always been a controversial one. But who made these rules?🤦🙅

Even if it’s made then it’s made for breaking them. right?


How to wear red boots


So go ahead, break all the preconceived notions about fashion and make a statement with this sophisticated #riskae combination which surely gonna have some eyeballs on you.👀👀👀

Red boots with a pink blazer? Too over the top?Naaahh!

I am wearing a white lacy bralette and to add some interesting factor to the outfit I chose a stripped wide-legged pants, and to add some pop of color to the look I put on my favorite pink blazer which looks pretty extravagant.


How to wear red boots


And to conclude the look I added some more color to my footwear for an inexorable vogue of Fashion.

So this is how you can balance out two different loud colors together.

Valentine’s day outfit-

Try incorporating these colors in different ensembles as tops and bottoms for a perfect cohesion.

With this clever finesse, the outfit will look balanced, mature other than experimental.


How to wear red boots

Also, this look is so valentine or a fashion event/week appropriate as the red boots, pink element, and the lacy bralette symbolizes of romance, intimation, and fascination.

Look 5-

Shirt- Red boots outfits

Now military greens and reds are one of those combinations which can highlight your whole look keeping it subtle and spot on at the same time.How to wear red boots

Olive green and red boots-unconventional yet polished!

For this look I am wearing a military green shirt with some cool patches all over it, which I think is not obstructing the look, moreover, it is giving that quirk and edge, which an outfit lacks more often.

For the bottoms, I am wearing a high waisted blue fitted jeans.


How to wear red boots


And I am letting my boots do all the talking. I love how this look is a perfect example of a minimalistic hunter.

The outfit seems so effortlessly and well-curated according to the style.

And to add that interesting feature or element to the look, I am wearing a tattoo choker which is actually a DIY, tied my hair into a top knot bun and for some more mannerism, I am wearing these golden tint sunglasses which I think completes the look.


How to wear red boots

You can also wear white jeans like this one or even jogger pants to ace the look.

I love how this outfit looks super chic, simple yet stylish on its own.How to wear red boots

Buy red boots here-


So guys, you just saw how these pair of boots can be super versatile and reliable, also they can be styled in such smart ways if done correctly without being too overwhelmed and a fashion victim.

Red boots will be my favorite for some more seasons now as they are a true investment. They are different, stylish and moderate at the same time.How to wear red boots

So I hope you liked all my styles done with the red booties, do let me know how else would you style these in the comment section below.

till then,

take care, be happy












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