Instagram Post Photo Ideas

It isn’t easy for every other day to think about the creative cool photo ideas for Instagram or social media post. On other hand the social media is a great way and easier to connect with people when you can scroll through a feed of important life moments they’ve shared. Instagram photo ideas blog will inspire you some.

On the converse, in this lock down as we are stepping with the versions of corona virus lock down and nothing to do, your followers and friends are looking forward to seeing what you’re up to. Each time you post, you’re sharing a special piece of yourself with them. To help spark inspiration, I’ve come up with some creative Instagram photo ideas that you can fit to your life.

Also, I’ll suggest some hashtags to be used to help you increase the visibility of your post.

Try some of them out and use your favorite shots to create an Instagram photo book.

1. What you eat:

Let’s start with one of the easiest at-home photo ideas:

take photos of what you eat: Also it photos and videos can be interesting while cooking in the kitchen:

what you eat Instagram photo ideas

what you eat Instagram photo ideas

Recommended hashtags:

#food , #foodblogger , #homemadefood , #flatlay , #foodphotography

2. Mood

This is the most trending thing on Instagram. You can post different moods and shades of yours.

Mood photo ideas instagram

Recommended hashtags:

#mood #me #myself #beautiful #instagrammer

3. Around your house creative or dance video

This is my favorite and is done by Tejaswini Pandit. These are super popular Instagram post ideas at home at the moment.

View this post on Instagram

तेच तेच करून कंटाळा आला असेल, तर हे तुफानी Challenge घ्या. Thank you @sanjaysjadhav for this creative idea ! माझ्या आयुष्यातले काही तास खूप मज्जेत गेले. #dadakitrolley #creativelockdownideas . Swipe for how I have secured my mobile 😉 . . महत्त्वाची सूचना : मोबाईलचे काही बरेवाईट झाल्यास मी किंवा दादा जबाबदार नाही…थोडक्यात नो भरचूक !!! 🤪 . I further nominate @siddharth23oct @umesh.kamat & @dhairya_insta_ Secure ur mobile well and show ur creativity… And do use #dadakitrolley 😎 . . . . #aareaaonaphir #sanjayjadhav #tejaswinipandit

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A lot of people are posting their TikTok videos on Instagram:

Recommended hashtags:

#fun #smile #friends #people #postoftheday

4. Your work-from-home office:

If you’re working from home, which is obvious for lock down quarantine life, you can share a photo of your workstation.

work from home Instagram photo ideas

If you’re studying, you can share your desk situation:

Recommended hashtags:

#workfromhome #stayhome #work #time #slay

5. What you’re drinking

You can also take a photo of you drinking or just a photo of your drink in your hand.

Drinking selfie: Just a photo of your drink:

drinking instagram post photo ideas

drinking instagram post photo ideas

Chilling with your drink:

drinking instagram post photo ideas

Recommended hashtags:

#drink , #cheers , #foodie , #photooftheday , #foodlove

6. Your books or journal

Do you journal? Or if you have a book reading habit. You can take a photo of your journal, or of you writing in your journal, books etc:

Book you’re reading

Love reading?

You can take a lot of creative Instagram photos at home with books:

book reading instagram post photo ideas

Minimalist photo:

Book selfie + photos of book pages to show your favorite parts:

Or eBook photo for eBook lovers:

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No gym, no problem. @sky.krishna @divya_jyoti

A post shared by Priyanka Chopra Jonas (@priyankachopra) on

Lay books everywhere around you for a super fun and eye-catching Instagram photo at home:

Recommended hashtags:

#book , #bookstagram , #like , #day #read

7. Day in the life

Take photos throughout your day and then create a carousel post, simply sitting in your terrace or on the couch:

life in a day instagram post

Recommended hashtags:

#me , #picoftheday #love , #girl , #smile

8. Pantry / Fridge goals

If you love food, nutrition and wellness, or just want to show your organisation skills, you can take photos of your pantry:

Or how you snack in your pantry:

pantry fridge instagram post ideas

Or a photo of your fridge organisation skills:

Recommended hashtags:

#pantry , #fridgeskills , #instadaily , #followme , #foodie

9. Skincare photo

You can share a photo of your favorite skincare products:

skincare instagram post

Or a photo of yourself getting pampered:

Recommended hashtags:

#skin #skincare #photo #facemask #fashion

10. Instagram versus Reality

Use a carousel post to show your “Instagram” photo versus the “reality” photo:

instagram vs reality

Recommended hashtags:

#instagram #reality #check #instagrammer #photoideas

11. Staircase photo

Awesome photo idea at home for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. If you have stairs in your home, you can take fun and stylish photos in your staircase:

staircase post social media instagram

Recommended hashtags:

#selfie , #fun , #mood , #influencer , #followme

12. Shadow play

You can play with the light and shadows to create awesome Instagram photos at home:

Shapes and Shadows

Cut shapes in a paper (like stars, hearts). Place the paper in the sun to create shape shadows.

shadow instagram post

Recommended hashtags:

#shadow #shadowshapes #love #follow #sunshine

13. What’s in your bag

Take a photo of what’s in your bag. It can be your handbag, your gym bag, your school bag, your shopping bag.

bag instagram post photo idea

Recommended hashtags:

#bag #fashion #bollywood #mystery #handbag

14. Under a blanket

Go under bed sheets or use the sleeves of a flowy top to create a soft, creative selfie:

under blanket instagram photo

Recommended hashtags:

#fun #loving #care #top #glow

15. Jewelry photo

Take photo of your favorite jewelry pieces:

jewelry instagram post

Close-up details only

This is another super popular Instagram photo idea at home. Don’t show your face. Just show jewelry and outfit details:

Recommended hashtags:

#jewellery #favourite #diamond #gold #imitation

16. Take photos from above your head

A creative Instagram photo idea is to take photos from above your head.

Reach your arm high up above your head and take a photo of yourself from above:

instagram facebook photo ideas

Recommended hashtags:

#photoidea #creative #good #best #instapic #flatlay

17. Favorite spots in your home

You can take photos of your favorite spots in your home. Or even different spots in your bedroom only.

It can be just your bed, or your couch, or maybe a shelf you’ve decorated: Talking about decorating, you can post a photo or video of you decorating:

room decor instagram post

You can also take some interesting video to entertain with the movie like effect.

Recommended hashtags:

#love , #happy , #beautiful , #cute , #decoration

18. Your daily routine

Instagram photo idea for students and business owners. You can take a photo of your schedule. It can be on your computer screen, your physical diary, or your blackboard, or when you are bored of working like this:

daily routine instagram post ideas

Recommended hashtags:

#instapic , #daily , #dailyroutine , #inspiration , #daynight

19. Morning routine

Share the details of your morning routine, with a picture of you in the morning.

You can also create a short video of your morning routine.

morning routine insta pic

Recommended hashtags:

#morning , #morningvibes , #goodmorning , #like4like , #nomakeup

20. Night time routine

Share a photo of your night time routine.

It can be a photo of an activity you do at night, or what you do to wind down, or the products you use at night (like coffee or skincare products) or when you are experiencing the heat at night and having showers:

Bed side table situation: Love your night table / bedside table decor?

Are you reading a nice book at night? Take a cute photo of it:

Or keep some beauty / relaxation essentials on your bedside table?

night time insta post

Recommended hashtags:

#skincare , #nightlife , #coffee , #music , #essentials

21. Photo in bed

Another fun Instagram photo idea at home is to take photos in bed:

bed post for instagram facebook

Recommended hashtags:

#bedtime #bedme #home #care #lazy

22. Workout of the day

Love working out?

You can share a photo of you after you worked out.

Or record yourself working at-home:

workout instagram photos

Recommended hashtags:

#workout #fitness #health #yoga #exercise

23. Be Thankful to Nature

You can also click yourself for being thankful for the nature or atmosphere. If you don’t have caption, always google for the good ones :

nature thankyou insta facebook

Recommended hashtags:

#nature #thankyou #video #followers #following


Don’t want to take a photo? You can share a quote:

Print a quote : Another cute Instagram photo idea you can do at home is to print a quote and create a flatlay with it:

Letterboard quotes are super popular props for photos at home. They catch people’s attention and they can be super fun:


25. New hobby

Are you learning a new hobby? : Like playing an instrument: Or painting:

hobby instagram pics

Recommended hashtags:

#hobby #habit #paint #art #creative

26. Closet or DIY

Take a photo of your closet: Shoe flatlay : Or some DIYs

If you’re a shoe lover and collector, you can create fun Instagram photos at home with your shoes: Shoe collection video

fashion DIY instagram facebook post ideasfashion DIY instagram facebook post ideas

Recommended hashtags:

#shoe #closet #wardrobe #clothes #favourite

27. Outfit of the day

Take a photo of your outfit of the day in the mirror, or ask someone to take a photo of you for you:

Outfit details :Outfit ideas video

outfit and back post ideas

How about you have some fun and create multiple outfits with the clothes you have in your closet? You can create a fun outfit idea video:

Backside : Take a photo of your backside. Make it fashion or cute or both.

Recommended hashtags:

#back #skin #sexy #outfit #fashion

28. Mirror selfie

Mirror selfies are super popular on Instagram.

Standing up: Take super close-up selfies with your phone that kind of hides your face.

On the floor: With a round mirror: Show parts of your outfit in a small mirror #aesthetics: Phone selfie :I’m calling this photo ideas the “Phone Selfie”:

selfie instagram post ideas

Mirror inception

Recommended hashtags:

#mirror #selfie #me #loveme #motivation

29. What (or who) you miss

Share a photo of a place, food, or special someone you miss:

Photo with your loved ones at home, playing games etc

Take a photo with your boyfriend, girlfriend or family:

Or even with your furry friend:

Recommended hashtags:

#family #petlove #dog #cat #furry

30. Throwback / Flashback photos

Don’t want to take any photos at home?

Share old photos. They can be photos that bring back good memories or weird memories or flashbacks to a trip you took, or a special event.

Recommended hashtags:

#oldpic #pic #throwback #throwback2020 #2020

31. Draw smile on things

There are so many things in your house. Plants, plates, spoons, papers, shoes, and eggs!

You can draw little smiley faces anywhere and put a smile on somebody’s face too:

32. Your turn to take fun Instagram photos at home!

Please leave a big thumbs up in the comments if you enjoyed this blog post! It took me so long to put it together, and I’d love to know if it inspired you.

Also, if you find other fun / creative Instagram photo ideas at home, please let me know too.

Until next time, you can keep reading our Instagram blog or start planning your beautiful feed.

And as always: have fun!


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