Is Online Tailoring Possible? By Book a Designer!

How many of you have just finished shopping for that perfect fabric, which is just lying in your wardrobe to be stitched for over 3 months now since this lock down began? Still waiting for that tailor near your house to open up and calling him like a 100 times? How many of you have been thinking about getting all dolled up and actually thinking of attending a function, even if it’s a small one? Yes, we are all in the same boat, and have been in a long wait for things to get back to normal. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep on waiting forever, right? In this age where everything is at our fingertips, tailoring too comes online.

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Online Tailoring is totally possible in Bangalore

We wanted to have a small pooja at home post lock down 1.0, and obviously I was extremely excited to get all dressed up for the small family event. Yes, who wouldn’t be after 3 months of no office or nothing remotely interesting. I called my regular tailor guy and asked him, “When will you open up?”. He said, “Madam, karigar nahi hai (no craftsmen to work with)”. Still, I begged him if he himself could just stitch it and Dunzo it across the city. He said that he was already back in his village! Mind you, this was the 5th tailor guy who said the same thing!

In Pursuit of Tailoring Online

I stumbled upon BookaDesigner on Google. I could actually give out my blouses and dresses and even get embroidery done while I sit at home? Initially, I was surprised and thought that the pricing would be too high to afford! But no, the pricing was unexpectedly reasonable. This was like a life saver during the lock down period, when literally no tailor was available. 

BookaDesigner is an online tailoring platform which can get your wedding, occasion and casual wear to your doorstep all ready for you! It can’t get easier than this, right? They have a bunch of highly skilled designers at the ready to send to your location to discuss and suggest design. Additionally, they also take customisation orders for you!

This is the new age digital tailoring, where once the order is taken, the designer executes it at their production unit in HSR Layout, Bangalore. They have highly skilled craftsmen and tailors who have over 30 years of experience. This means that your custom clothing is in the best of hands. 

Once the garment is ready and verified, it would be delivered to you by the designers themselves! Nowadays, it isn’t just food that comes to your doorstep, even custom clothing can! The designer will check the fittings and also take care of alterations if need be. And they really don’t charge for the pick up or delivery!

Other Services

Apart from complete customisation, they also have services which include bridal blouse tailoring, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, salwar suit stitching, western dress customisation, lehenga stitching, palazzo pant stitching, jacket stitching, saree kucchus, fall and pico, conversion of sarees to dresses, etc.

All one has to do is simply book an online tailoring appointment on BookaDesigner. Their designer will visit at a scheduled date and time to discuss with you. The best part is that the designer them-self will take the necessary measurements. Unsurprisingly, they are one of the highest rated on Google! It’s worth a try in these times of new-gen online tailoring.

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