Tips on how to make your skin glow with organic products

Monsoon has arrived. Monsoon spells doom for the skin. Rubbery, Leathery skin, already sweaty and sticky because of the summers, becomes patchy, lifeless, dull and just makes you look sullen. Combine this with hormonal changes, chemical product use and the use of masks, our skin is crying for our help.

 While we already know the bad, the good is that we can transform our skin into healthy and radiant skin with the use of natural skincare products and home remedies. 

The regime we all know-

Cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturising. We need to do everything, but finding out the right product for our skin, using it regularly is such a difficult task. It is very important for one to note that this process shouldn’t be skipped. 

  • Cleansing helps remove all the dirt, grime and pollution that the skin is exposed to.
  • Exfoliation should be done once a week. It helps remove dead cells, even skin tone and keep the skin germ free. I prefer the use of natural skincare products for skin exfoliation. It is because they have very little to no side effects.
  • Toning helps skin combat puffiness, remove any dirt traces left behind by washing, and helps seal pores. 
  • Moisturising helps to lock in the hydration needed by skin molecules, promotes healing and gives smoothness to the skin. I prefer natural skincare products which have aloe vera and vitamin e to do the job.

The other tips to get glowing skin from natural skincare products-

  • Water- Well you really ought to know however many articles you read, the importance of H2O for glowing and radiant skin is not overhyped. It is here I learn that 30% of our skin is water and therefore, water is important for the elasticity of our skin.
  • Fuller’s earth’s natural skincare products treat all skin problems ranging from acne, dead skin, blackheads, dullness etc. I fell in love with it after I read this article.
  • Eating well. Sometimes vitamins are needed for more than just overall health. Like Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that helps brighten and evens skin tone. Vitamin B3- (Niacinamide) This helps produce pigments. These pigments will help brighten dark spots, and break down and even old spots as well. Vitamin E is needed for repairing the skin cells. 
  • DIY face masks which are made from the easily available kitchen or home ingredients or complete natural skincare products are much needed. They help keep the skin fresh, soothes the skin, tightens the pores. Natural products have an edge because chemical-based glows don’t last for long.
  • Face massages help regulate blood flow. Using a gua sha, Chinese face massage technique, your hands or any other method is good as long as you massage your face every day. It helps regulate skin circulation and makes the skin glow. You can find some massage techniques here.

I love natural skincare products as I have a very busy lifestyle & it is difficult for me to follow any skincare technique that involves DIY packs. But I have discovered these skincare routines recently and my skin is already thanking me. You should check them out too.

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