Wanderuffles presets

Wanderuffles Presets

Spending a lot of time in post-production/Editing?

I can totally feel you because I myself spend a lot of time exploring Lightroom. While exploring the Lightroom, I learned to create magic in my photos, so here are all the presets that will definitely fulfill your aesthetic requirements.

With Wanderuffles Presets, you are all ready to turn on your dull feed into a magical one.


please Note:-

Presets are great to create a cohesive theme for your photos, however, they are not a one-click change on your photos since every photo is taken in different lighting conditions and also using different cameras/phones.

Please do not worry if the photos do not look as expected. You can play around the settings to check what suits best for your photo.

Try changing ‘vibrance’, ‘exposure’, ‘shadows’, ‘highlights’ etc. Lightroom is a versatile app and you’ll just need some patience and tries and you are on.

Common let’s create MAGIC….!




   Before                                                                                   After


Before                                                                                              After


Before                                                                                     After


       Before                                                                                      After


        Before                                                                                 After


   Before                                                                                  After


        Before                                                                                   After


Before                                                                                         After


 Before                                                                                 After


Before                                                                                                    After


    Before                                                                                           After


Tag me in your presets if you happen to purchase our presets, or you edit your pictures with our presets ( #wanderufflespresets )



Step by step guide to install the presets and use them…


Happy Editing…



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