Five indispensable Kurti Designs 2020 have been categorised here just for you. The festive season is just beginning and in order to commemorate the inception of this year’s festivities, just indulge in some ethnic shopping. You may or may not possess affection for kurtis but the necessity of ethnics in a woman’s wardrobe is undeniable. There is a vast array of ensembles in ornamented prints, captivating cuts and comfy textiles that will perfectly caress your skin and suit your body-type, but finding the ultimate for yourself can indeed be a tough job. If in a dilemma, then you can find your answer here.

  • Ethnics in soft shades last longer in trends. Invest in one if you don’t have one till now. When in doubt about ethnics, simply go for a minimalist one. Also pertaining to the summers currently, subtle colours are definitely ruling among the ethnics. This minimalist Kurti in pristine peach and harmoniously arranged leaf motifs is immensely versatile as it can be paired with palazzos to straight pants to skin-fit jeans or simply can be worn as a dress.
  • Stocking up a few kurta and jacket sets is certainly a delight to those who love to dress up in minutes for a function. Just mix and match a kurti and jacket along with a palazzo or straight pants and Voila! You are prepped up in just the blink of an eye. For casual occasions, just opt for the kurti. Here the contrasting combination of wine coloured jacket against the vibrant yellow kurti, certainly makes it a bold statement.
  • An Anarkali kurti is definitely a mandatory ethnic in every girl’s closet and this one in olive green makes it to the the ultimate priority list. Known for their flattering silhouettes and flowy fabrics, these are just one-of-a-kind.  An ideal go-to option for all your occasions- be it to a cousin’s engagement or to attend a puja.  Just pair it with the right palazzo or leggings along with your favourite jhumka earrings and you are good to go.
  • A chic cotton kurta is a must in every woman’s wardrobe no matter how often they embrace an ethnic. You might not be a fan of Indian wear, but trust me its one of the most convenient regular outfit. Wear it to your daily commute to workplace or to just at your home while relaxing. Toil between your household management and work-from-home calls efficiently in these comfy kurtis. This modish grey kurti in soft natural cotton with is extremely popular among professional women.
  • A breathable Khadi kurtis are an integral part of every single woman residing in the tropics. Not only an ideal textile to beat the tropical heat but also to relish the upcoming monsoon magic. The kurtis crafted from hand woven fabrics are subtle as well as formal and sophisticated. If you love to experiment with asymmetrical cuts and strikingly contrasting colours, then here’s the catch! Go for this minimal yet detailed Khadi kurti with dhoti-styled pants. You are free to pair it with your favourite pair of skin-fit jeans or ciggerate pants.

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