Over the past few decades, the internet has taken over everything, you can imagine! I mean, in the early nineteenth or twentieth centuries, only a small number of people who were so called experts in their field were supposed to be creative, the rest were simply expected to do as they were told to. However, the internet has changed things so much that its effects can be seen even at an individual level. Recently in India, the internet data pack is available at such low cost that even a daily wager can afford to use a smart phone and data pack in it. It is like a revolution especially, for those who as per the society were not so experts but due to availability of internet, you tube, etc. everything is now accessible just at the click of a finger. for example, to understand how laser printing works, going to printing shop or experts is not the only option, however, with internet while sitting at home, having a cuppa of coffee in your hand and a video on you tube can easily explain to you how printing works, rather it will also give you some points about how can you start you own printing work shop, see how easy accessibility and curiosity can help you establishing your own printing start up.

Gone are those days when to learn anything you were supposed to enroll in some program or had to buy costly books or hire an expensive tutor, those options are still available but other less expensive and less time consuming options are also available that too without much involvement of the third party and at less cost. Elon musk in one his interview has explained how these days most of the things on internet is easily accessible and some of them are free too that means you can learn for free.

To Bend the Rules, You Gotta Know the Rules!

Below are few examples where this culture has been promoted and regarded and led to one thing to another:
1. Silicon Valley and the media lab: Prime example, we all are aware of how Silicon Valley has grown in such a short span of time. Innovators from various places with creative ideas, with not so much money to fund their projects, when supported and funded by well known people with money resulted in great innovation. Rather many companies have made new policies to accommodate new innovators who are passionate to bend the rules and make new ones. If you think you are really the type of person who understands the rule and think new rule should be made, then here is something for you. MIT media lab has introduced a ‘Disobedience Award.’ The main principle behind this award it to promote the idea of bringing you own idea onto the table rather than following what you have been told to.
2. Origin of cryptocurrency and digital currency: Gone are the days where only paper money was the option to buy or sell, now digital currency or cryptocurrency like bitcoins are gaining popularity because someone thought of bending the norms of banks or may be economists.
3. Home schooling: A teacher likes the student who follows the orders and did not ask many questions and doesn’t bend the rule. Often the most creative students are teacher’s least favorite. Even when a teacher says they enhance creativity often they reject it in practice. This creates more confusion for a student and leads to rejection of his own creative ideas. Now you can imagine the future of that child. Given the support of parents, home schooling gives a child more flexibility and a healthy environment, where his ideas can be understood and promoted for innovation. Here, I am not saying sending a child to school is wrong rather, an idea that ‘sending a child to school is the only option to educate him’ should not be promoted.
It is like a chess game, first you understand the game and it’s players then you can make your own move and find a new way to win. Similarly, we need to understand that disobedience and discipline co-exist given the fact that we allow an individual to first understand the game and its rules and then let him achieve the result on his own rather then only allowing same rudimentary ideas for ever changing situations. For this we need to promote the creativity, trust in their own intuition, rationality.
The people who will most thrive in this environment will be those who ask questions, refuse to follow the same pattern which previous generation has followed. Ones who have passion and undented behavior for bending the rules regardless of what their senior wanted them to do. Our traditional educational system has discouraged the questioning, curiosity, exploration and rather a given emphasis on rote learning. Many traditional managers are intimidated by this era of creative disobedience. Social scientists have acknowledged the impact of creative disobedience. Therefore, they have supported this behavior.

Now is the time for you to change your thinking and not succumb to old rules!

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