Best Rainy Day Outfit Ideas

Pitter patter rain drops…, a hot cuppa tea, legs curled up on the couch, hands stretched out to feel the water droplets on your hand. That sounds like a perfect filmy monsoon weekend at home. You have nothing to worry about not even for your rainy day outfit – that’s how it feels like, isn’t’ it?

Then, Monday arrives and takes everything out of the equation except the rain. Now, imagine stepping out for work or wherever else you have to be. Oh no! Reality check because you can’t always afford to take a rain check. Be it monsoon or one of those surprise showers, it’s always good to be prepared. As monsoon is just around the corner everywhere, you would be in a dilemma whether to opt for bold colors or softer colors. Which fabrics work best in the rainy season.

I’ve been there and done that. Thanks to work and travel and living in different places – I have seen it all (well, almost). Rainy days to gloomy thunderstorm weather! Of course, an independent life comes with a cost. And so, here I am with my calculated budget version on everything you need and outfit ideas for the rainy day!

I bring you some tips to fill your closet with perfect outfits this rainy season…

Before starting it, these are some key points to remember before choosing any of your wardrobe-essentials.

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1. Quick Key Points

– Opt for fabrics, which are breathable and prevent moisture. Avoid cotton as when it gets dry it can stick to your body and irritate your skin.

– Waterproof and water-resistant clothes to keep you dry. With water resistance, it’s important to keep you warm in this season. Look for materials like wool, which should maintain their warmth even if they do get wet. Clothing made from Alpaca and Merino wools or a combination of the two is good choices.

– Always carry a plastic bag(degradable) to ensure safety for your mobile, cash, etc.

2. Umbrella

umbrella queen Elizabeth rainy day outfit

Style it like queen Elizabeth! I have intentionally taken this as my first bullet point. Often when we hear about an umbrella, we imagine the big black boring umbrellas which our parents and grandparents used to wear. But no more, as an umbrella is a super important thing to be safe in rains, the umbrellas have been done their makeover. The transparent and colorful umbrellas look stylish and keep you safe.

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3. Raincoat

raincoat rainy day outfit

Second obvious thing but an important one. Until and unless you don’t buy a car, looking chic in the rainy season is impossible. But to help you little and to keep us dry, the raincoat is a must. Like umbrellas, raincoats have also gotten better, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the options out there. Fashionable or not, you need one of them to survive monsoons.

4. Boots/ Chappals/Crocs

boots rainy day outfit

Yes, we agree that boots are not fancy to look at or wear, but there is nothing worse than going around in trousers soaked in mud and rain. Carry a pair to change after you’re indoors, but these are a must. Plastic chappals work best if you can have a changing option later.

Some say that Crocs are quite expensive for the not-so-great-looking design. But it’s time we prioritized comfort over everything else. They are easy to dry, save you from splatter from your own feet, and are comfortable to walk in. And, these help you a great deal during rains. So, if you’re planning a vacation or live in cities where you need to survive four months of constant downpour, invest in crocs. They go with almost anything, especially jeans, capris, hot pants, shorts, and dresses.

5. Waterproof Bag

handbag rainy day outfit

Another thing I’ve added to this list that might seem frivolous. However, I’ve ended up with damp cash bills and laptop chargers too many times because I was ignorant. If you carry your electronic devices like a laptop or tablet with you all the time, invest in a laptop sleeve made with nylon or anything else that is waterproof. And, ensure that your actual bag is waterproof as well. Double layer it just to be doubly sure. Please avoid anything in leather.

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6. The Evergreen Denims

denim jacket rainy day outfit

The denim jackets have been around and are one of those outfits worth every penny you invest in. They look cute in summers and can help you during those rainy days. Layer a tank with a denim jacket – you can just pull it off when the humidity kicks in or tie it at the waist just like the old times. Pair it up with ankle-length denim and remember to fold it up further or go with a pencil skirt. The slip-on shoes save you from the splatter as you walk. Plus, they are comfortable and make good statements. And not to forget, you could either go for a hat or a cutesy-transparent umbrella.

7. The Classic Trench

trench coat

Unfortunately, most of us have to act like grown-ups and step outdoors to run errands or show up at work. But, how are you supposed to put in efforts when it’s pouring? The dress and classic trench are my favorite. Nothing works like this. Wear a knee-length dress and up your style by sporting the classic trench. You can pair it with chappals, shoes, wedges just anything you like. Monsoons are the best times to use that trench, so make the most of it.

8. Hot Pants/Jumpsuits/Jacket

hot pants hot shorts

It’s one of the most preferred costumes because it gives you coverage. Wear a jumpsuit or hot pants throw on slip-on or sneakers, and you’re sorted – just like that. A funky and vibrant waterproof jacket will brighten your outfit. If you’re looking to buy an umbrella, invest in one that comes in polka dots patterns and adds instant charm to your look. Hey, anything to cheer you up on gloomy days, right?

9. Short Dress/ Evening Dress

black dress rain

Dressing up can be pretty therapeutic and sometimes make you feel that gloomy days are not so bad after all. For an evening party on a rainy day, go for a black dress, be it an LBD or not, and pair it with a pair of ankle boots. They save your feet from getting soaked and your style quotient remains on point. Besides, you can get some impeccable pictures on days like these. Either way, dressing up is a total win-win.

10. Distressed Jeans/Shrugs/Sweater

ripped jeans

Fold your distressed jeans to make it ankle length. This not only adds punkiness but also protects you from those water puddles. We all have them, and we all love them. Throw on a tank and layer it up with a shrug, sweater or cape, depending on how hot or cold the weather gets. And, that is exactly why you should consider layering during monsoons. A scarf will make the look pop and is a smart addition to keep you warm.

11. Leggings and a Leather Jacket

leggings and leather jacket

One of the easiest and most effortless looks there is. You can go on for an entire season just with a pair of leggings, a few tops, and a leather jacket. Rotate them using the same formula, and you’re practically sorted with your monsoon closet. One look you carry everywhere you go.

12. Turtle Neck/Half Jacket

turtle neck and jacket

I did not even see the point of a half jacket for a very long time. I then realized that I was missing the point. It’s perfect for a rainy day, keeps you warm, plus looks classy. It adds definition to any outfit you randomly choose. Accessorize your turtle neck T-shirt with neckpieces that stand out and wear them over leggings, jeggings or skinny trousers. Boots are your best bet since they keep your trousers dry – or just about any shoes will do.

13. Skirt-Shirt and Stockings


A formal skirt with a shirt tucked in is known to be classy. You can be charming and wear exciting clothes even when the weather is not necessarily on your side. Now, pair it up with opaque stockings to keep you warm, and finish the look with a trench coat.

14. Hats

woman in hat

Cloudy days can sometimes be accompanied by constant drizzle. It feels like there is a storm underway, but there’s no action. And then, my dear, hats are your go-to. Just work on a statement that blends well with hats. They usually fit well with jeans, distressed pants, dresses (short and long), etc., unless prom dresses are on your mind. Congratulations! You are now stylish and sorted!

With the right clothing, there is no need to be put off from pursuing your favorite outdoor activity, no matter the weather. Make sure the materials you choose are breathable, lightweight, waterproof, or water-resistant, and easy to layer so you can adjust clothing to meet your needs.

Now that you know what to wear on a rainy day, what are you waiting for? Go enjoy the rain! But keep these things in mind, and you will never have to take a rain check” (literally) for a work or a party. Nothing is more welcoming than those droplets from the first monsoon, even better if you’re prepared. Because, you don’t have to compromise on fashion, come what may!

I hope you liked all these cute rainy-day outfits. Don’t forget to leave a message if you have any questions!

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