Cleansing my Inner Chakras with Bodhsara

For very long, I have had my apprehensions of believing in the science of Pranic Healing. What better can I do than to give myself a shot at it? I recently visited Bodhsara – Wellness and Salt studio.

The experience from the start till the last minute was something that I was pleasantly surprised by, and I left the place a calmer person. 

With the unsettling chaos around me, and the daily rut of work, I needed something to calm me down, to balance the highs and lows I have been experiencing. I walked into Bodhsara- Wellness and Salt Studio with an open mind, and was warmly welcomed and guided through the process of Inner Healing.

We are well aware that mental health and physical health go hand-in-hand. And here I was, trying to heal my mind. The process of Pranic Healing includes identifying, cleansing, energizing, and stabilizing pranic centers called Chakras. The science behind this is ancient and finds its origin in India and China. 

I tried Pranic Healing and Halotherapy during my visit to Bodhsara- Wellness and Salt Studio

wellness studio lobby,  Pranic Healing includes identifying, cleansing, energizing  and stabilizing pranic centres called Chakras

In Pranic Healing, the healer sat across me and told me about the pain-points that I am experiencing psychologically and physically, currently. I was mildly taken aback at the accuracy at which he was able to identify these given that I hadn’t spoken during the session. He was also able to pinpoint the causes of strain in my relationship with near and dear ones and explained how I was handling them. I was advised on how to be able to cope with and handle situations of such sort. This was then followed by a technique to stabilize my chakras.

inner healing with the healer through pranic healing
The healer from Bodhsara conveying my pain points during my session of Pranic healing.

A highly rejuvenating experience with zero consumption of any drugs/medicines. I walked out calmer and elated than ever before. For most of the time, I have been in a position to accept advice with much more ease when it comes from a third person, with a neutral opinion, and the healer at Bodhsara- Wellness and Salt Studio managed to touch base. 

At Halotherapy, I walked into a Himalayan pink salt cave, a room with alluring Pink Salt lamps, where I was to sit while the salts work through my pores, and replenish my skin. The Himalayan pink salts can heal skin irregularities like acne, dermatitis, psoriasis etc. 

cleansing at the pink salt cave with himalayan pink salt lamps
Relaxing at the Himalayan Pink Salt room during my Halotherapy session.

Breathing in the air filled with these salts is highly beneficial to your lungs and cures you of respiratory problems over time. It is proven effective in increasing your lung capacity as well. All in all, Bodhsara- Wellness and Salt Studio not only managed to rid me of my apprehensions about pranic healing but also took me through a process that left me at peace. 

Bodhsara- Wellness and Salt Studio offers multiple ways of healing at their studio, which includes services: 

  1. Halotherapy – in the Himalayan Pink Salt cave, the salt has healing properties to mend skin, respiratory and psychological conditions.
  2. Infrared Sauna – a very efficient technique to release stress and boost the body’s immunity.
  3. Dry Cupping – enhances blood flow, and in return soothes the body of any pain.
  4. Oxygen Therapy – highly recommended for people with breathing difficulties.
  5. Pranic Healing – the healer observes the imbalances in the energy, and balances your energy levels, further increasing your immunity.
  6. Acupuncture – highly effective stress relieving technique using sterilized needles across the body, with numerous added benefits. 
infra red sauna for toxin removal, temperature controlled saunas, cleansing in the sauna, toxin removal
Temperature controlled Infrared Sauna room for removal of toxins.

The studio also conducts workshops called “Yoga beyond the Mat”, it’s more convenient for those who are always on a hectic schedule and find it difficult to take time out for themselves, you can be doing yoga sitting in your office chair.

Bodhsara – Wellness and Salt Studio also have a range of products you can shop from, body butters to scrubs, Lamp votives and Himalayan Pink Salt lamps.

body butter, body scrub, pink salt lamps, calm cream, body cream
A few of the products that you can shop at Bodhsara – Body butters, Body scrubs, Body creams etc.

The next time, you are unsure of what’s bothering you and are looking for relief from the madness engulfing you, I would highly recommend visiting the Bodhsara- Wellness and Salt Studio and trying their therapies. If you have the luxury of time, then they do have Wellness retreats you should definitely try. 

Peace to all. 

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