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I have always been an ardent propagator of anything organic or naturally made. This is simply because nature is the best healer for anyone right? I have always loved organic food, vegetables or even organic beauty products. Recently I stumbled upon Deyga Organics and ordered a bunch of beautiful organic soaps.

Deyga believes in anything and everything that is natural, which makes the skin safe and flawless. All deyga’s products are handmade with love. They follow traditional recipes that has been handed down by age-old traditions. The ingredients which they choose to use are highly nourishing to the skin and 100% Natural.

Deyga Claims that the ingredients originate naturally and undergo chemical changes only due to natural biological processes such as fermentation, distillation and cold processing. They completely add no preservatives at all, also they are cruelty free and care for the earth by being sustainable and 100% purely natural.

When I browsed through their websites I came across a wonderful range of skincare, haircare, oral care, wellness, baby care, bath & body products too. They also have a wide range of gifting options available.

The beautiful organic Soap Kit that I have ordered is just for Rs 1999 with 7 different natural flavours and ingredients. I love the flavour of each and every one of them and the pack consisted of these soaps

  • Rose pink clay
  • Spinach cucumber
  • Chocolate
  • Charcoal
  • Baby soap
  • Shea saffron
  • Neem & Turmeric

    Right now we Have just used only one that is the much hyped charcoal and love how my skin has regained its lost glow and glory. This has made my skin soft and supple and I feel I have moved one step closer to nature !

Do check out the video !

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