Foods Strategies that Can Help in Easing Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia or Burnout

In today’s world of hustle and bustle, as a millennial we perform well at our home, at our workplace in our business and other areas of life. WAIT ….Have you ever wondered what happens in your body when we feel anxious or depressed or burnout and then at night not able to sleep well. After doing so well in our life we deserve a healthy lifestyle, peace of mind and not to forget restful sleep. Stress, burnout can be exhausting both mentally and physically. It can cause catastrophe in your life if not addressed properly. However, whether that can be by taking a proper ‘me time’ for yourself or going to retreat or by following my retreat posts or via proper nutrition. In this post, I have brought to your selection of foods to help you in combating depression, insomnia, anxiety or burnout in daily life.


I must say that there are certain drinks which have the power to bring back the life. These drinks are easy to make and very healthy. Drinks which are synonymous with comfort, relaxing and warm feelings. Soups, which naturally can combat the cold, sour throat, malaise, tiredness, menstrual cramps. When Mixed with natural spices like black pepper and ginger, herbs like holy basil and curry tree leaves can leave you truly enchanted.


Many food experts have repeatedly mentioned the importance of eating a proper three meals a day. Which means not skipping the breakfast even if you are getting late. As a doctor, I cannot stress enough about the importance of having a heavy and healthy breakfast. Oats, muesli fixed with colorful berries, fruits, fruits juice or a warm glass of milk, boiled eggs are few amongst many options about what you can choose for your breakfast and similarly for lunch and dinner. Eating proper meals also ensure you won’t be having too much craving for junk. Snacking in between is not unhealthy if you eat mindfully (explained in my previous blog post). Rather, it is good for you as it will keep low sugar at bay. Remember, everyone is different so are choices…

Healthy fats

Before 2019 fat was considered as the debt on body, I used to judge myself as why I am fat but a new research has suggested that fat especially the Low density fat (LDL) which previously was considered as the dangerous and unhealthy is not actually unhealthy rather a healthy choice and here catch is to maintain a healthy range. Also, fats are equally healthy like carbohydrates. Omega-3 fatty acids is considered as one of the healthy fats and should be supplemented in the diet especially if you are a vegetarian like me. So, do yourself a favor and eat a lot of walnuts, fish etc. on a regular basis.


FRUITS are Nature’s CANDY. So, what fruits you should be looking for? Well, I guess here we have lot of more choice because I have never encountered any fruit which we should not eat. If you have any such fruit in mind, don’t forget to comment in the below section. Needless to say fibers are another magic
which nature has given us to get rid of unwanted things in our gut. I am sure now you are ready to leave that shopping bag for a fruit basket.


Have you yet heard of ‘sugar is the new fat’ or sugar is the new cancer’. I guess these have given you a sneak peak of what sugar is doing to our body.So, next before you eat your favourite dohnut or a big milkshake, is this what you really want for your body.


I was saving this point for the last. In my opinion, milk is complete food. You can ask any infant, lol. A warm glass of milk has more than things than any other food can think of. A warm glass of milk in breakfast or after a dinner, is a stress buster and good for digestion. Adding a warm glass for milk before sleeping is a thing you should consider in your nighttime routine.

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