How to care for your Bras? It’s easier than you think.

Ever wondered if your bras are getting all the care they needed?  I spend a fortune on buying good-fit bras, then why ignore taking care of them. It’s important to increase the longevity of your bras’ life. 

With a few simple tips, you will be able to increase the life of your bras. Just like people, bras come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Attending to each one with care is the only way you can show your love. 

I’m here to support you, to boost your confidence, and I’ve got you covered on a cold rainy day. 

Sincerely, Your Bra. 

Let’s take a trip down the Bra-care facility. 

1. Storing is caring.

  • If you’re choosy and have a few in number with ample space, the easiest way to store would be to stack them cup on the cup. One other way would be to spread them out giving each one space.
  • I have a collection of them, with one to wear based on your mood/outfit. In which case, you can opt for folding them in half and making sure the cups pop out one way or the other. 
  • You can always imitate the way stores display bras if you’re not short in space and hang them. You have an opportunity here to get creative with the hangers and make your own bra rack. 
Love your bra, care for your bra, store your bra, wash your bra

2. How often do I wash and pamper my bra?

It is ok to NOT wash your bras after every use.

I know this is going to be a tough decision to make, but hear me out on this. You can set aside the bras that you use across a week. Plan and alternatively use your bras for at least 2 to 3 wears, before washing them. This goes for all the bras, be it padded or underwired or non-padded ones. 

Your bra must rest between uses. 

Free tip for new moms: It’s best to use disposable or reusable nursing pads, to avoid breast milk or nipple ointment absorption. This way you can avoid overwashing.

You can let them breathe when not in use. All of us could use some space, and so do your bras.

3. To hand wash or not to? To care or not to?

Since the fabric of the bra is delicate, it’s best suited for hand-wash. Use a mild detergent, treat your bra the way you would treat your skin. It is best to read the instructions. 

If you are short on time, and cannot invest in a hand-wash, then the closest to best possible alternative is to machine wash in a gentle cycle. Use a small mesh lingerie laundry bag before tossing your bras in. This way you will avoid stretching the straps and deforming their elasticity. One way to avoid the bras getting hooked on to the machine is to make sure the hooks are in the loops. 

4. How to dry your bras after wash?

Do not use a dryer to dry them out. To remove excess water, do NOT WRING them. Either press the cups between your palms or against a surface. 

Hang them dry either by the band or at the center with teh cups hanging on either side. Read the care labels, this may vary from bra to bra.

5. When is it time to let go of your bra?

If you want your bra supporting you well, then ideally one year is just about the right time to let go. This relationship is not the long-lasting one where you marry it.

When you have to let go of your favourite one, it can be painful. I feel you! But darling, you will thank me later for this. Do not, I repeat, do not compromise on the quality of your bra. This lingerie is holding your assets together, make sure you invest wisely. Take care of your Bras.

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