How to pose for photos

How to pose for photos

Hey everyone,

So its time to bid goodbye to the winters and welcome spring-the season of flowers and love.

And the season of flower means the season of sweet breeze and alluring nature where everything seems so full of life and you see whites, pinks blossoming all over the streets.

And who doesn’t love spring? No harsh cold, nor the scorching heat.

And the perfect season to get snapped.

Now tell me honestly, who doesn’t love to get clicked at least in the era like this where we bomb our social media with pictures every time we make a moment?

We all love to click our pout selfies and if you’re into a field like mine i.e blogging or you are an influencer. You need to look good on the camera all the time.

All is fine till you know the next step is to pose. So this blog post is solely dedicated to this topic so let’s just dive into it.

I get a lot of messages and DM’s on Instagram how do you pose so good all the time? (well, not all the time but ya!)

Get your picture-perfect pose for the photoshoot

Ever noticed the pictures you upload on your social media will be great but as soon as you get a notification on your phone  that “your friend **** just tagged you in a photo in Facebook or Instagram”

Your heart pumps loud and you cross your finger(you know you don’t trust your friends) not to find those embarrassing Dracula teeth out (lol), or your slouchy posed picture. (haha)

Well, I know you may be cursing that camera person who took that photo from the wrong angle or it’s just your pose but don’t worry I have a solution to look good and pose well every time you get clicked.

Ok, so I have a few friends who love to be clicked but when they actually show up on camera, they just become very conscious and shy.

The only thing they would say “what do I pose? dude, you only tell me the pose please”.

You are smiling right now if you are one those or know someone in friend circle who does this, and there is nothing wrong in it, but just a few simple tricks and you are ready to rock your pictures.

So here in this blog, I’ll be covering all the points that are important to keep in mind while having a photoshoot or just a picture.

It will look complicated but trust me it isn’t rather it is very very interesting. So let’s get started.!

Point 1-

Pick/choose your outfits wisely before the photoshoot!

So, the first thing I do is to decide what to wear because your outfit plays a vital role in your picture to decide the aesthetic and mood.

Whenever, whatever and wherever I shoot, it all depends on my outfit.

An outfit always sets the character and ambiance of your mind and mood.

If it’s traditional wear, you will obviously go for a royal and rich background while posing with the utmost elegance and charm.


How to pose for photos


If you are wearing a skater dress, it needs to be a playful background while posing frivolously and leisurely. Right?

And you cannot go vice versa( of course, you can go, needless experimenting, no issues but you are not hitting the chord right!)

It also makes your shoot hassle free if you already know what you want to wear and what is your theme.

Opt for vibrant outfits to stand out!

The camera doesn’t always capture the perfection and the right hues, having said that means always prefer or try to wear bright colors or popping colors(not saying neon by the way) and try to slap on a little more makeup than you usually do(optional!!).


How to pose for photos

How to pose for photos


Point 2-

Photoshoot inspiration-create a mood board!

Next step is actually important but we tend to skip it, always always keep your inspiration in your first hand. Let me make it easier for you.

Nowadays everyone is on Instagram right? Liked an outfit picture or a model’s picture? Save it.

How to pose for photos
my moodboard and inspiration


Google for photoshoot poses ideas and screenshot them for later which you liked and you think will be able to emulate.

There are hundreds of ways to get your inspiration from the internet.

Pinterest is the largest Photobucket or photo catalog where can you pin your favorite photos all across the world.

Just save it and you will be able to recreate that very easily.

Trust me, this point will help you a lot save your time because once you have an inspiration in your mind, you can add your elements, your style into that recreation.

Point 3-

Camera angles and shots for a photoshoot

Another important thing if you are taking your own pictures, set the frame of the camera and the angle, you won’t believe but even if you are a very good poser, and your angle is shaken or wrong, then all will go into vain.

Always remember while taking full body pictures, keep the camera in a distance so that there is always space for the headroom(top) as well as for the bottom.

How to pose for photos

How to pose for photos


Keep your camera or phone on a Tripod(preferable)and always keep the camera at a distance under your neck level to stomach level or below.

This creates an illusion of you being tall.

Are you a camera-shy girl? Know how to pose for a photo shoot.

Now let us see how you can pose if you are a shy girl and still slay in pictures.

The very first thing I would say is to loosen up your body and be comfortable with it.

This might happen with you if someone else takes your pictures, you become conscious and tend to tighten your muscles which clearly shows on camera and that’s not so appealing.

Candid pictures for a photoshoot.

Are too shy to face the camera?

Take candids man!


Now Impromptu pictures are the best type of natural yet creative photo ideas.

Do anything-lick the melting ice cream, see and pinpoint the view other side, laugh, talk to your friend, play with your hair, make funny faces, spin and twirl and etc.



On shopping? Ask your friend to take the candid shot, reading a book? Take a shot.

Candids are the best when you don’t wanna pose like a supermodel.

These spontaneous shots can be little tricky too but who cares, fake it till you make it.<3 😀

Mirror selfies for Instagram-photoshoot ideas

And dear shy girl if you are taking your own pictures,do try mirror selfies(iPhone selfies :P),they are a savior. They are all over the Instagram I see.


How to pose for photos


They look ultra stylish plus you can overcome camera consciousness like so which is win-win.

You can have your goggles or shades on while clicking a picture if you are a camera conscious person, and act as if you are removing your shades and the pout like a queen.

It looks very quirky and fashionable.

Also, have you ever tried double shot(lol, I have kept these names on my own so don’t judge)? Double shot means clicking a shot as you are clicking our own selfie in another phone. It looks cool! Do try it.


Know your best profile for the best picture.

Posing for pictures is an experimental yet interesting sport.

Posing is all about experimenting, and its a lot of fun.

Know your best portrayal or side.

Knowing your angles and profile is the most important thing while posing.

It can literally make the shot best or break the shot to worst.

Every person has their own profile (the angle which you are comfortable taking the photos from) and if you don’t have one then consider yourself lucky!!

I prefer my left profile(left side of my face) better (i don’t know why:P) so,I try to face the camera tilting my face a little towards the right so my left profile shows:).


Now this one is little weird but I do this, whenever I go for a shoot outside, I ask the camera person to click a sample picture and show me, so in this way, I get to see how’s the picture gonna turn out when I edit.

I quickly analyze within a span of 1 minute or less whether the lighting, the pose, and other elements are correct or not.

And plus it’s a great way to check on yourself how you and your outfit looks on the camera before going ahead. 🙂

My signature and Go To poses for the photoshoot-

Let me share some of my go-to poses, so if you like it, do save it and you can recreate some of them later.

1. Fake hair play pose for a photoshoot

The fake hair play,OMG I don’t if anyone noticed it or not(now you will:P) but in almost every picture, I try to play with my hairs or my bangs.


How to wear red boots


It gives a touch of femininity to this bold yet easy-going look.

I think it looks great and feminine.

Don’t you think so?

You can try out thousands of different poses while playing with your hair.

2. Effile tower pose for photography

I know you have never heard of this before but you know it.

Its the pose where the camera person takes the photo from the low angle and you are supposed to stand in a diagonal or front position proposing one leg or one arm towards the camera.

It looks super dreamy and fantasy. I love this pose because I look tall as an Effile in it.:P.


As I am not that camera conscious person, I love to gaze into the camera with my lips little open(not aaaaaaa:P). This symbolizes of confidence and sensuality in a picture.

If you feel conscious looking straight to the camera, just lie down on the stairs or bed and ask the photographer to click your picture upside down. It looks so romantic, innovative and smart at the same time


valentine's day outfits

3. The classic fake walk pose for photos

Another my go-to pose is a Kardarshian’s pose or fake walk pose.


How to wear red boots



Just pose as you are walking, and flip your hair.

I cannot stress more on this, how versatile, chic and creative this pose looks.

How to pose for photos


How to pose for photos

Pose and the background for the photoshoot-

I always emphasize on both of these aspects if you follow me on Instagram you know it, as I feel both are important to make your picture look drool-worthy.



Now, who doesn’t dream to have that one perfect hair flip picture in their photo gallery?

This one is actually a tricky one but if done correctly can turn out to be the best pose.


I love flipping my hair, For that, I ask the camera person to take the shot in burst mode so that it captures every moment of the flip and you can choose the best one.

Make sure your pose should be clean and balanced while flipping.

Sitting poses for the photoshoot-

Also sitting poses are my favorites, with legs glued together at knees and open wide at the toes with those nice heels or pumps doing the talk and rest your head to the back with fingers rushing through your hairs. How playful this pose looks?

Isn’t it?



Another my favorite sitting pose is to sit on the ground on your folded one leg to the back and another leg straight facing slightly diagonally towards the camera(on your mark get set go pose). It looks sporty and gives that passionate vibe to the picture.


It gives a touch of femininity to this bold yet easy-going look.

An unfading fashion of denims | Denim jacket outfits

It gives a touch of femininity to this bold yet easy-going look.

Props to reinforce your photoshoot-bloggers photoshoot ideas

Now Props can make your poses easier as well challenging and makes your pictures look creative, exuberant and lively.

Be it a flower, a book, your denim jacket, fairy lights, balloons, your accessories such as a hat, watch, scarf or anything. They give the picture a concept and make it look delectable.

Just try to be as innovative you can. Props make your poses easy yet ingenious so plus point.


Always remember while taking your full

pictures, do not slouch towards the camera front, never ever!

How to pose for photos
Don’t slouch


It will hide all your curves and don’t want that right? Especially while sitting.

To show your curves, in fact, lean a little backward or sit straight with legs straight to down as the second picture and while standing wear heels and tilt a little diagonally and look in the front with chin little up.

Try some A shape(legs little wide open)hands on V(victory) as it balances the picture, K shape(one leg straight and other away from it )or cross legs.

How to pose for photos
A shape pose
How to pose for photos
D shape pose
How to pose for photos
K shape pose
How to pose for photos
cross legs pose

How to pose for a picture like a supermodel

Tried upside down pose?

ok, let me elaborate-lie down on your back on a bed’s corner with head hanging to down and then simply raise your legs straight and maybe cross them for a more sophisticated look.How to pose for photos

This pose is my favorite though, it’s a little bit tough as the blood rushes down to your brain, but if you have a good metabolism, go ahead and try this!

Shooting a maxi dress outfit picture?

Act as you are running away from the camera with the flare of your dress swinging and flying beautifully or take burst pictures while you are pinching one edge of your dress and swinging it with legs cross or in K shape.


Burst will capture every swing and you can pick the best.

Fashion photoshoot ideas for Instagram

One of the cutest and classy pose I tell you-this actually happened in real but camera captured it perfectly-I was fixing my shoe and this got captured.How to pose for photos

Also, you can play and underplay with your hands, keep them on your waist, put one finger in your mouth as if your biting it and other on the waist, keep one hand back of your head or place your fingers gracefully on your face.

The list is endless.

Posing is all about your body moments during the shoot, the play of hands, legs, and expressions whether you are shooting your fashion pictures or travel pictures.

Practice make a woman perfect, so keep doing that ladies!

You will master it with one trick, just practice!

yes, you heard it right,No it does not seem weird(yes but it sounds weird:P)

Go to the mirror and try different poses before the shoot and trust me you will thank me later.<3

For Travel pictures, I try to show more of the view rather than my outfits, so I prefer spreading the hands like wings or just turn around and ask the photographer to shoot some candid natural poses.

You can jump high like a bird and ask the person to shot on burst.


So that was it for this blog guys.

A tip- while shooting pictures or taking your own pictures, just have fun! And relax!

It’s just a pose and a picture. ok?

The picture should possess your current mood and spirit so make sure you reflect that in your pictures.

Do let me know in the comment section below which is your favorite pose or picture of mine and you would like to recreate it.

till then,

stay happy




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