How We Get Started Life Changing: Think Positive Do Positive

How We Get Started Life Changing: Think Positive Do Positive

Control Your Mind To Think Positive

  • Positiveness  awaken confidence in us ,To do good work for everyone. For this, everyone has to make their mind positive and strong.The most powerful part of our body is the mind. The whole body is controlled by mind. All the work can be done easily by the mind. If your mind is good then you can think well, Otherwise you may be ashamed due to bad thinking. You need to control your mind for positive thinking. You can never bring positive thinking if your mind is out of control. That’s why you have to control the mind and live with positive thinking.
  • Similarly, I am going to tell you about some situations in which negative thinking may come in your mind, but you have to control the mind there and bring positive thoughts.

When There Is Anger In The Mind

We know that man has lots of emotions. Anger is also one of these emotions. When there is anger in your mind, you are not afraid of anyone. I do not want to speak about others, You do not even recognize the family members. Everyone is ready to die in anger and kill,But it’s never good. It’s time to control the mind and eliminate anger.No one knows in anger what is doing and what Sometimes there is no reason for quarrel, There is something just for anger.At that time, you should explain your mind better than explaining to others. This is much better than quarreling with others and hurting each other.

Man’s Dirty Looks and Misbehaving

Missbehave to girls has just become a trend.It is not a good thing to see girls with a bad eye. People notice girls from outside.  Never want to know about their insides.What people do if a girl goes in front of them, then they start hitting dirty comments and check the figure on her.How can this be correct thinking?God created all these people, And all created in different shapes. Nowadays girls can be raped and killed.Why is this happening, who has done all this, people should think about it. It is right to think once about the girl and the girl’s family before doing all this. please control the mind and stop behave like animals by positive thoughts.

When everything is over

Sometimes it seems that everything is over in life.It seems that living meaninglessly in a life of defeat.Is there no purpose to live yet.At this time something like this is going on in your mind.  Because of this, you would also be ready to die.Due to this, the case of suicide is getting more worldwide.Only one thing can help you in this situation ,That is your mind.Control your mind at that time and bring positive thinking in mind.Only by the power of mind and positive thoughts can you get out of these situation. With the help of positive thoughts, one has to wake up his / her self-confidence, and speaking to myself that I still have a lot that I cannot lose.

Don’t Behave Wife Like Servant 

All the people in the world want to degrade their wives.It is already going on like this custom.In earlier times men used to hit their wives, abused and got them to work like servants.Women were not given the right to speak in any subject. Man always treated their wives like a punching bag.More torture on wives now than before. so it’s not a small cases, It is a disease that has been going on for centuries. But this time to improve it, All people should respect their wives. Nowadays wives are never less than their husbands. Clear the mind and bring Positive thoughts. The wives leaves their for an unknown person. So change mind and keep respect and love your wife.

Positive thoughts for students

Students life’s are so critical. Students get lots of options  in their role. They can’t choose properly their goals. This is why students make a lot of mistakes. Students focus mostly on the useless things.There also come a time in which students do not even listen to their elders.
 They do not realize that their direction has changed. Never look at their studies and their goals. But on this situation, keep your mind positive and focus on your studies and your goals.At this time, we have to bring one thing in mind that our parents have brought us up very hard,We have to do something for them anyway. And for that we should study well and reach our goal.For these, we always have to think positive and do positive.Students make a big mistake, They never obey the orders of elders. Know one thing that if you do not respect elders and obey their orders then never be successful in  your life. That is why you will agree and follow their ideals.

Some Positive Thoughts  For Parents

For us,Our parents take the most important role in our life. The first guru in our life is our parents,If parents make a mistake then our life gets spoiled. parent always think well for us, Parents think that our life should improve and we become successful well. Those are very serious for our education and career. But parents also sometimes make mistakes,When,Parents should pay attention to what talent is within children and in which field they feel happy. Children should be well observed by parents. Gurdian should be motivated to become something in the field itself. Do not put the pressure of others on your children. All children have different types of talent, that is why parents should focus on that talent. That means parents are never wrong. It is the obligation and love for the children. The child will be irritated and will not be able to focus well on what to do. Parents thoughts have to be positive and the child should motivate in such a direction, Which are comfortable for them. This will be very beneficial for the children and some future will definitely be made.

Positive Thoughts For Failure

Everybody in life must have considered himself a failure. Some people do not even get themselves out of the shadows of failure. What is failure? Many things involve in failure. Some step in life always fails. But who is failure? Whose hearts and mind are filled with failure and self-confidence is over. It is a worm that eats a man inside. Because of this, people get used to bad things and Die of worsening. Whom they catch, do not leave until they die. They catch only those whose mind is weak. Everyone fails once in life but People who are weak in mind they never get out. Do not let the mind become weak in such a solution.

 Make the mind powerful and bring positive thoughts . If you are weak then question yourself, why I am getting weaker? If your mind is weakening, ask yourself,Why am I letting this happen? Speak to yourself that this is nothing to me.  I can easily overcome it. Tell yourself that I have not only failed in life and people have also failed. Those people are living well even after failing, so why did I become weak? It’s enough to push urself from hell. You can fight positively with failure and take positive step,.Nobody will stop you from getting out. positiveness build our self confidence, made like a dagger to fight with failure.

Positiveness Importants For A Couple

How good we feel when we fall in love for the first time, it’s amazing. There is no comparison. When a boy and a girl are in relation,it’s like heaven.Couples share everything of their lives with each other.Couples give a lot of time to their relationship and Get added emotionally. Depends on each other so much that they believe even with their eyes closed.But don’t know if this is a curse for couples or something. There comes a time when all the love and all faith between them is lost. A small doubt or something, It becomes like a world war. Nobody listen to anyone in this time.
Sometimes this quarrels would go up to break up.All are bent on proving themselves right and humiliating each other. What happens? How does so much love and trust end? Do those people not remember old memories? Why do not want to sacrifice a little? Are people not themselves responsible for this?
would go up to breakup. All are bent on proving themselves right and humiliating each other. Never want to compress for each other. What happens? How does so much love and trust end?Do those people not remember old things?Why do not want to sacrifice a little?Are people not themselves responsible for this?

First thing, Love is not enough for relationship. As much as love is important, trust and sacrifice for each other is equally important.  But these people do not see it all,it does not come to mind at all that time. If the people think positively about their relation & positive the mind ,then that relationship will be saved. If you are in a relationship then you people have to think positively and learn to trust and sacrifice each other.

Positive Thoughts For Criminal

There is so much crime happening all over the world right now. Sometimes murdered , sometimes  raped, sometimes stealed, sometimes cheating. To prevent this, law system of the world has taken many steps. But has not been completely successful Till now. There is nothing that can be done by the government by us to stop all this.
 Whatever we try, we cannot finish the crime. Only criminals can stop it themselves. Only criminals can stop it themselves.But it can be successful only when those people motivate themselves to improve themselves and.Positives started working with positive ideas. Those people should think about others before committing a crime. For them all these things are fine but for others it is very painful and terrible. It is not good to hurt others for themselves, when it comes to the minds of those people, then they will not feel like committing crimes on people. Crime in the world can end, so this is the only solution. Otherwise there is no cure for it.

Before attempting a rape

Now a days a lot of rapes all over the world. Not just rape! Sometimes they kill women with rape.I find it strange that Don’t be afraid at the time of crime and when it comes time to pay for crime then you feel afraid.Why messing with the lives of others for normal happiness.The criminal has to know that with a girl he is going to destroy his family too. Will he be able to handle this with him and his family?When he thinks this positive, then he will not feel like committing crime on his own.

Before stealing from someone

Stealing has become a profession now. Nowadays Small to big theft takes place everywhere. Sometime
the administration catches those people and punished for them . But nothing penetrates the minds of criminals.Asking for help from others is better than stealing,When this matter comes in their mind, then time will automatically end. Better than stealing, then ask for some help from someone. If one did not help you, the other will do it.But by doing all this, it is better to live as a beggar than to hurt others. When he realizes these things,then crime will be destroyed on it’s own.

Before doing cheating someone

Why do you cheat others along with yourself Cheating is the biggest crime. What is cheating ? Is cheating to think more about yourself than not thinking about others?If you are cheating on someone, then the trust between you is over and sometimes the relations also end. Better than cheating, then ask them for a little help with faith. If you work with faith, your relationship will also be good and you will continue to get help in future also. If you want to do the cheating then your relationship will be spoil and you can never hope for help.

Also Importants Positiveness For Society

We are the people of the society and we are tied to the society. We cannot do anything except society or can not do anything contrary to society. Society also has many rules which we have to follow. Whatever the society, we have to stay there. The bad thing is that there is a lot of corruption and superstition in the society. People of the society think that whatever the rules of the society, we have to obey. But this is not correct at all. Not made us in society, we have created the society. It is designed for our facilities. We can change it according to convenience and purpose. We are not for society, society is for us.

You guys know how many people across the world commit suicide. It’s not just their fault,The main reason for this is the society itself.As many people around the world commit suicide, they do not commit suicide without reason. People do suicide only when there is no one at a bad time.Society is not the only one to repeat mistakes,.It is the job of the society to forgive those who commit mistakes. Why make society, Because they could join with each other at the bad time.Societies repeat mistakes until someone dies. Whose fault is there, who is guilty, they do not mean anything at all,It means on one thing, how long and how to plead it? Is it right to plead till death? I do not get this thing right, society needs to be positive.

One should support each other in bad times and give opportunity to rectify mistakes. Motivate him better than pleading for good deed and correcting mistake. There are many people who are making a very good name by rectify their mistakes. That is why we have made society positive and we all have to do it.


The world needs to be positive, we all have to do it together.We all have to remove negativity together and Everyone has to think positive. To remove all the crime corruption that is happening in the world, first we have to remove negativity from our mind. Everyone has to think well for everyone, support everyone, support who need your help, help each other  for grow up. Only positivity can solve this problem. Once all the people of the world think positively, then there will be no problems in the world. This thought will not work in one place only, it will change the whole world.

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