I like my Mangalsutra lighter, elegant and affordable.

For the ultra modern brides-to-be.

Finding the right trendy mangalsutra is as important as finding the right life partner, there you go, I said it!

The new age Bahuranis have it going, trying to strike a balance between age old traditions and keeping up with the times. It’s been a year since my marriage, and to this day My choice of Mangalsutra, the auspicious thread for the Hindu married women, has by far been the best.

The Mangalsutra is not just another piece of jewelry, but holds a very significant purpose in the marital status of a married woman in the Hindu religion. It is symbolic to the longevity of a happy and prosperous marriage.

You want your Mangalsutra to be easily wearable, affordable, and you want it looking good with all your outfits in comparison to the hefty ones which were donned by the women in the past. You definitely don’t want the next- door-aunties gawking at your neckline, in the absence of the mangalsutra, with never-ending questions to follow. 

trendy mangalsutra for a bride to be, diamond mangalsutra
Trendy mangalsutra with a diamond pendant, stringed together with two black beads on a gold chain

There are numerous options out there in the market, and it’s quite the task picking one out given the permanency of the Mangalsutra. Let’s just say, I intend to stay “happy and married”. A few pointers I had in mind while deciding: the design, longevity, authenticity and affordability.

After having given it a lot of thought and having checked a lot of designs, I bought my sleek, beautiful and intricate one from Caratlane. As their story goes, they offer affordable, modern everyday use designs, with a high quality craftsmanship. I find my mangalsutra to complement most of my outfits, be it the traditional attire or the chic looks I pull off. It comes with a simple chain and an enchanting pendant with a diamond which sparkles away to glory. The gold chain holds together two black beads with the diamond in the center. If you are not too keen on the yellow metal, you do have other options which come in platinum and white gold. Why shy away from being bold, if you are not too much into gold? When it comes to the pendant, you can either keep it simple and elegant, or can also make a statement with the heavy pendants with carvings, but keep it trendy, stay in-fashion.

trying on a trendy elegant mangalsutra

Choose a design that matches your sense of style and keep in mind the versatility of your outfits.

The basic, yet golden rule that I have adopted: Any piece of jewelry that you pick out for yourself, primarily that is of everyday use, shouldn’t be of an inconvenience in its usage.

Most of us face this issue with our wedding rings and mangalsutra. They either tend to wear out or lose their sheen or lose the intricate details. You can keep the chain long or short, the pendant big or small, but ensuring it stays intact becomes one of the most crucial part of your purchase. Caratlane also offers a lifetime warranty for the same, providing me with a sense of relief.

Once you have yourself convinced and are content with the design, the one aspect  that fails you at most times, is how easy it is on the pocket for you. You don’t want to be burning a hole that you can’t fix. I found it effortless and uncomplicated since I pay out for the same with a flexible EMI at Rs.4000 per month. It’s a win-win this way.

You can work your way through the purchase by zeroing in on the budget, the metal, followed by the design and authenticity simultaneously. It’s not set in stone, but I have found this approach to be more comfortable.

choosing a trendy mangalsutra

Brides- to-be now have a plethora of options to choose from. I have found the products from Caratlane, Bluestone and Candere to match my taste and very much to my liking, and they happen to have a beautiful collection in a wide price range.

various options to choose mangalsutra

You can also opt for matching earrings to go with the Mangalsutra from these online stores. I’d recommend purchasing from branded and reputed jewelry  stores only, for quality and craftsmanship.

Cheers to all the brides making it alive out of a Big Fat Indian Wedding, you know why!

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