Jaggi Vasudev, commonly known as Sadhguru, doesn’t need to be introduced, but if you don’t know, he is a mystic, a yogi and a New York bestselling author, an internationally renowned speaker and amongst 50 most influential people in India. Now, coming to the book (inner engineering), it has been divided into two parts, first where he introduces you to yoga and debunk myths and secondly, introduce you to various aspects of life and the entire cosmos.


The book starts with telling you the aspects of his (Sadhguru’s) life story, including his journey from young boy to his mystic experience as a young man of being one with everything. He neither takes moral high ground nor seeks to be prescriptive but gives you a pragmatic approach towards various stuff especially spirituality and yoga. The book seeks to give you a contemporary view to which every person can relate. The explanations of the chapters are done in such a way, it gives you the perspectives that leads you to life-changing actions.

The chapters of the second part of the book close with “sadhana” i.e tools, which allows you to gain the knowledge of peace, well-being and out of the body sensation through experiential processes and see whether the insights work for you or not. Lastly, the anecdotes in this books are amazing and will successfully convey the intended message to you.

Sadhguru’s way of explaining spirituality, life, yoga, love, joy, relationships and also it doesn’t make you believe in ‘unrealistic expectations’ is what make “Inner Engineering” different from other self-help books.

My favourite line from the book, Even if the world doesn’t happen the way you want it, at least your thoughts and emotions should happen the way you want them to.”  

My rating: 5/5  Goodreads rating: 4.5/5

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