Kingdom Of Dreams: Explore The Unexpected

Our capital city already had lots of places to visit however, there are few places which are lesser known to us and one amongst them is Kingdom Of Dreams in sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana.

Presenting you the best entertainment place in India which brings live entertainment shows with Bollywood style musical, the Kingdom Of Dreams is the perfect place for a leisure weekend basically for every age group. My reaction when I first entered the place was that everything seems so magical and larger than life which literally made me think am I really present here or it’s all my imaginations? Well, fortunately, this was for real.


Kingdom Of Dreams Entry Gate

Right at the main entrance, two massive & brilliantly carved elephants and a group of musicians playing the royal Rajasthani folk music gives you a grand welcome with big royal vibes.  

elephant and musician

The venue is conceptualized to offer traditional India to its visitors, has presently being divided into 3 segments – Culture Gully, Spiritual Gully and Nautanki Mahal

Culture Gully

The culture gully is spread over 100,000 feet and has replicated the typical Indian streets which offer you the culture, traditions and norms of various Indian states. Culture Gully is one of the key attraction in Kingdom of dreams. It gives you a bunch of different activities to try i.e. tarot card reading, gaming, and a separate play area for children.

inside culture gully infront of Rajasthan pavilion

There are elaborately decorated pavilions of different state in which you can enjoy local cuisines, puppet shows, qawallis, palmistry and beautiful souvenirs to buy.

Spiritual Gully

Adjacent to the Culture Gully is the Spiritual Gully, dominated by the statue of sleeping Buddha. Well, this Gully doesn’t have any further things to offer but once you enter the place it surely gives you a calming feeling and rejuvenates the soul from within and energises your body.

spiritual Gully

Nautanki Mahal

Coming to Nautanki Mahal, this is the place where you can enjoy the ever electrifying musical dance drama with glitz and glamour packed content Zangoora: The Gipsy Prince. It was first premiered on September 23, 2010, and so far successfully premiered 2500 shows. There were other two shows as well but I chose to watch Zangoora. 

Nautanki Mahal

The story of Zangoora

The story set in a fictional kingdom of Shaktishila, Zangoora is the story of a prince who is raised by the gipsies after his parents were killed by a traitor, Zorawar, who usurps the throne. Unaware of his real identity Zangoora grows as the spirited banjara who’s the apple of everyone eyes.

The show runs for 3 long hours and will keep you totally intrigued with its amazing music, dance, magic and special effects. I myself have never watched such a huge theatrical show before and trust me it’s completely a paisa wasool (value for money) performance.

Other Shows

Apart from Zangoora, there are other two shows, Oye Balle-Balle and Jhumroo which are also premiered in Nautanki Mahal.

So, if you are planning to visit Delhi, don’t miss out on Kingdom of Dreams. I solemnly take the guarantee that you won’t at all regret spending your valuable weekend/holiday there especially if you have children.


Monday closed

Tickets for Zangoora and Oye balle balle.  

2:30 pm & 7:00 pm


Economy Value Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Rs 1199 Rs 1299 Rs 1349 Rs 1599 Rs 2099 Rs 2699 Rs 3199


6:30 pm


Economy Value Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Rs 1299 Rs 1399 Rs 1599 Rs 2099 Rs 2699 Rs 3199 Rs 4199



10 am, 1;30 pm, 3:00 pm and 6;00 pm

Classics Superior Premium Royal
Rs 1099 Rs 1399 Rs 1599 Rs 1699
*timings and price for the same are subjected to change.
**Pictures by myself and google and unfinished life. 

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