Miracle effects if Yogurt or Curd or buttermilk taken in a right way.

With the summer heat soaring every other day, it is absolutely crucial that you watch your diet to keep yourself protected and stay healthy. This is definitely not the time when you should be indulging in fried, spicy, or greasy foods. Instead look out for body cooling foods so that you feel light and refreshed, and prevent summer-related health issues like headaches, heatstroke, acidity, etc. Besides water, sherbet, and other things, there is a hero of all who can help to beat this heat stay at bay – It’s one and only YOGURT OR CURD OR BUTTERMILK!

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Curd plays the most important part of our daily meals. curd is often quite a staple in most Indian households. At some places every meal ends with a bowl of curd/buttermilk. But did you know this versatile dish has a number of health benefits too? 

In villages, every house has homemade fresh curd made from cow milk. Although the curd has its unending benefits. But I would always opt for the homemade fresh curd which even if taken 365 days in all seasons can only benefit you.

Having a bowl of fresh curd daily has numerous nutritional benefits. With Ayurveda and even modern food science has stated the benefits of the fresh curd.

Although a curd is beneficial, it can do miracles if taken by adding some ingredients to it. Or the different forms of curd, buttermilk.


  • Make sure you avoid having curd at night as it can cause acidity or sore throat.
  • Lunchtime is the best time to consume curd/buttermilk in your daily meal.
  • Always have homemade curd.
  • Avoid too sore curd. Fresh curd has the purest source of nutrition.


Curd or yogurt is formed by combining the right bacteria in milk. The bacteria thicken the milk and give it a different taste, which is sour and slight of sweet. This process allows keeping the nutrients of the milk last longer.

Curd is packed with nutrition like proteins, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin A, D, and B-12, fats, carbohydrates. Also it is a great probiotic ingredient.

If you are having a curd or buttermilk, always add a roasted jeera (cumin) powder this gives you extra benefits:

curd jeera cumin

1. Improves digestion

Curd has the ability to maintain a balance in the acid levels in the stomach. The ability of curd to manage the pH levels makes it a perfect remedy for indigestion. People suffering from indigestion problems get immense benefits with regular consumption of curd.

Also, people suffering from dysentery get a relaxed stomach by eating a little amount of curd with hot white rice.

2. Helps in weight loss

People trying to reduce weight should include curd or a glass of buttermilk in the diet plan. With the immense amount of calcium availability, curds help to fight obesity. Calcium restricts the creation of cortisol, which doesn’t lead the body towards weight increase.

So, to fight cortisol, a person should regularly have a certain amount of curd.

3. Improves Eye-Sight

The blend of curd and roasted cumin seed powder is a great resource of vitamin ‘A’. Having a curd with cumin powder can improve your eye vision and increase your eyesight.

4. Offers Vaginal Health

The curd has an ability to manage the pH level which helps in vaginal health. The regular consumption of yogurt improves the vaginal health of women. However, the quality of curd becomes the prime necessity for effective results. Fresh home-made curd is recommended for the best results.

5. Offers milk nutrition for lactose-intolerant people

Lactose intolerance restricts people from getting the benefits of milk. However, curd becomes the right alternative for such people. It offers easy digestion of protein and other nutrients, which provides the same benefits as milk to people.

6. Healthy heart and Blood Sugar Level

Curd helps in preventing and reducing heart problems. Including curds daily in the diet helps in reducing the cholesterol level. It helps in the functioning of a healthy heart. The lesser amount of cholesterol in the body helps in keeping arteries clean and allows smooth blood flow. Hence, the risks of heart-related diseases reduce to a great extent.

Also, it regulates the blood sugar level.

7. Makes skin healthy and shiny

Curd is popularly used for skincare. The minerals that it contains allow the skin to glow and gain natural moisturizer to stay healthy. The components present in curd-like vitamin E, zinc, and others benefit the skin. This is the reason curd is used as the homemade skincare and cosmetic beauty care products as well. Applying curd to the face helps to make the skin smooth and improves glow, shine, and softness.

8. Other Benefits

The other benefits like keeping your hair good, helps you to stay away from infections as the good bacteria from the curd fights the bad bacteria. It improves brain health, stimulates appetite (hunger), and also boosts immunity levels.

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