No RIP For Sushant Singh Rajput Yet

Rhea Chakraborty arrested.

Perhaps no other headline in recent times has been as sensational as this. Indians all over the country are rejoicing; a small segment criticising her witch hunt and a very small section is of course unconcerned.

But largely, this is a case that is grabbing eyeballs and the saturation coverage by the media is catering to the huge demand there is, for such kind of news, especially in lockdown India and the Corona virus pandemic that has rendered every other kind of news not news worthy.

Ever since 34 year young, dashing, talented cine star Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging in his Mumbai house, three months ago, the frenzy around this case refuses to die down. It has all the makings of a thriller whodunit. And after the Aarushi Talwar death case, it is the second, in the history of news channels to arouse such hysteria.

Of course because the plot of this story is so very dramatic. Big star dies, whether by suicide or murder, yet to be determined. Live in girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, whose claim to fame is her last low budget forgettable and unheard of movie, Jalebi, grabbed the headlines with her purported role as money grabber, controller and drugs supplier in her actor boyfriends life. Whether she is culpable or not, is of course for the courts to decide.

But till then, we have had mud slinging from every side. When deceased Sushant Singh’s father accused Rhea of misappropriating his money and keeping him away from his family and taking control of every aspect of his life and in this way, blaming her for his death, little did he imagine that Ms Jalebi would fire a bigger salvo and show guts we never knew, existed, in the face of such adversity.

She went all out, gave interviews saying her innocent family and she, an innocent girl loving an innocent dead boy, were being targeted for no rhyme or reason. She also targeted his family of disregarding his mental health issues and neglecting him, his sister Priyanka Singh who groped her and the final trump card, that it was instead his drug usage and also his unauthorized usage of anti depressants and anti anxiety meds that sister Priyanka, apparently told him to consume, over a WhatsApp prescription, that led to his death.

It simply wasn’t her. All she did was love a drug addict. That was her crime, she says. Her whatsapp drug chats with dealers and her brother Showik, who is also arrested, in this case, were also, only because Sushant Singh directed her to send messages, asking for drugs.

Her father Indrajit Chakraborty even congratulated India, for arresting her brother and now that they were coming after his daughter, he said sarcastically that it was all justified in the name of justice.

Everyone is apparently innocent and yet a bright, young star lost his life, with so much of muck and sleaze being written about his life now. Who can defend the dead? Nobody. Except perhaps the people who loved him. For his father and his family, it is the biggest loss, and they will never be able to grieve for him properly, considering that it has become a prime time series soap opera now.

Even the Aarushi Talwar death case wasn’t as convoluted as this and didn’t have so many players and versions and angles. But on the botch up scale; both rank the same. I doubt whether Sushants soul will ever rest in peace or whether we will ever know the truth.

First it was the Bollywood outsider angle, now it is all about drugs; who procured it, who consumed it and who talked about it. First it was the supposedly inept Mumbai police, then Bihar police roped in and now the CBI. Who are we supposed to have faith in? And then the TRP grabbing channels that are all conducting their own inquiries and their own media trials. 

How much of a role did Rhea play? How much did Mumbai Police cover up? How are the deaths of  Sushant’s manager Disha Salian and his linked. What happened during the two month Europe trip with Rhea and Showik that led Sushant, even deeper into the recesses of his mind? How did this bright, young man succumb to killing himself?

Should we just go by his loving girlfriend’s claim that he was a hardcore drug addict? Or do we believe his former girlfriend Ankita Lokhande’s claims that he never appeared mentally unstable to her in the seven long years of their live in relationship? Or even the scores of people who have such good and brilliant memories of this shining star called Sushant…we don’t know.

At the moment, Sushant is India’s son who many are grieving for. And like Arnab Goswami would say, India, as in the people, want to know! The truth. Only that will actually appease the multitudes whose lives have been swept up in this sensational case.

For the rest, who are uninterested, they can go back to watching their fictional web series.

This is after all, real life. 

And we hope he gets justice and the truth sets his family free. And India too.

A colossal waste of talent, a bright star that was actually shooting towards space in its frenzy to touch the galaxy.

Only then can we say RIP.


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