Shri Shankar Maharaj

As all evidences speak, we have a great history and fortune of our country: India. Till the date many God like Saints has been born on our pure and golden land of India. While some are the incarnation of Lords, some are the saints. But what the bottom line is, all these great and divine personalities are born to establish dharma and keep the trust and spiritual consciousness among people. In a same tradition there was a great and divine personality. Shri Shankar Maharaj – An Avaliya and Siddha Purush. He was an incarnation of Lord Shiva. An incarnation in this Kaliyug for the betterment of human beings.

Today writing this blog, as personally when I have experienced sudden ups and downs in my life. With his teachings from the ‘Shankar Gita’ and reading it continuously there has been a lot of difference how I perceive my life now. Whether to believe spirituality or not though it is a personal opinion. But without a deep devotion towards any God, one cannot experience the spiritual world. Trying to share this little bit of information what I know for his devotees and followers on the occasion of his punyatithi.

His Birth Date : A Mystery

As mentioned above, information about the birth of Shri Shankar Maharaj is not known. However, the information received in the holy book ‘Shankar Gita’ and by his devotees is as follows: –

Shri Shankar Maharaj

There lived a great Shiv Bhakt couple Shri Chimanaji and Mrs. Parvati (devotee of Lord Shiv) in Nashik district, Taluka – Satana, Village – Antapur. With their deep devotion towards Lord Shiv, once Shri Chimnaji got a dream. According to the divine dream vision, Shri Shankar Maharaj, were found as a baby boy in the dense forest near Davalmalik Piraj.

Due to the grace of Lord Shiva, the adopted parents named the baby boy “Shankar” as they received Putra Ratna. Mr. Chimanaji and Mrs. Parvati took care of the baby boy Shankara with more love than the baby in the womb. Shankar was a devotee of Shiva who was engrossed in meditation from his childhood, was amazed at the remembrance of the name, and enjoyed kirtan bhajans. Then the baby blessed the parents, ‘You will have a twins!’ Shankar came out with the blessing. Later, he left Antapur, saying goodbye to his parents to complete the incarnation work as per God’s will.

They were never at one place. Triveni Sangam, Solapur, Akkalkot, Trimbakeshwar, Nashik, Nagar, Pune, Hyderabad, Tuljapur, Audumbar, Srisailam – such places he used to wander! He travelled frequently between Nagar, Pune, Solapur and Akluj, also visiting in places with Shri Dattatreya influence like Gangapur, Narsobawadi, Mahurgad and Girnar. Wherever he went he attracted devotees. Not that there will be as many places as mentioned! That is, it is difficult to say the ‘name-form-place’ of Shankar Maharaj. Because in a real sense, he was a recluse! That is why it was ‘Shankar’!

He was also known as ‘Supadyababa’, ‘Kunvaraswamy’, ‘Gaurishankar’ as well as ‘Shankar’ ‘John’ etc. There is no such thing as a ‘name’, and so is their ‘form’! In some places they are also referred to as ‘Ashtavakra’.

Shri Shankar Maharaj Appearance :

Shri Shankar Maharaj

In appearance Maharaj is described as ‘Ashtavakra’ or bent in eight places. Maharaj had a short stature and was born octagonal, but was “Ajanabahu” or having long hands reaching below his knees. Their hair was always messed. Most noticeable were his large and bright eyes. The eyes were big and always sparkling like a diamond. And child like expression on his face. In later years he had a beard. His enthusiasm was admirable. He always wore a white dhoti and a white shirt.

He was fond of smoking honeydew (popularly known as Pilo hatthi) cigarettes. He was also fond of drinking brandy and appeared to be often intoxicated. He used to like the scent (attar) of hina and loved music. He often had a brandy bottle in his hand and a hunter whip with him. He used to address people by the swear words, but without malice. It was believed that if Maharaj rebuked anybody he got rid of misfortunes. He used to talk with lisp which was due to his unusually long tongue. The immense kindness and compassion of Maharaj were consistent with his being a Nath Panthi in the Guru tradition. They had a way of sitting on taking their knees close to the chest.

Maharaj used to drink with a purpose. His drunken appearance helped him in keeping unwanted people away. Only those people who saw Maharaj beyond the external looks could come to him. There are instances when Maharaj drank and another person nearby got drunk. Some people to whom Maharaj gave a brandy glass and asked them to drink it told later it was not liquor but nice tasting coconut water. Maharaj was fond of wearing rings and jewels but he could throw them or give to others easily.

His most favourite food was Khichadi with green beans, Bhaji and Cigarette (Pivla Hatti). Even now at the Samadhi Math Khichadi is offered as prasad and served to all the devotees.

The life of Shankar Maharaj has been full of miracles he performed to help his devotees. Such miracles are associated with many Yogis. The miracle includes the knowledge of past and future events, creation of matter going from one place to another instantly, being at several places at the one time, feeding a multitude from the small quantity of food and so on. Maharaj did these miracles to instill faith in them and to draw people to spiritual path.

Shri Shankar Maharaj Teachings:

Shri shankar maharaj teachings

1) If you want happiness and peace, then by giving up desire, jealousy, envy, ambition, greed, the mind which is constantly destabilized by ego will become stable.

2) Socio-religious-moral status is obtained due to Guru. But since people have forgotten that position and are only pursuing worldly pleasures, money has become a religion instead of a religion. Gurus should consider their abode as God.

3) We need passionate love and strong faith in Guru and God.

4) Those who consider Guru as God and worship him with firm faith. Only they are saved by the Guru’s grace.

5) People believe that God is omnipresent. But those who speak do not act. Self-realization will happen only if we first realize ourselves.

6) Expectations and fulfillment are important in the means. But it requires faith and belief. God should not be judged by wisdom. Scholars are very skeptical. For that, they should look inside themselves. It dispels doubts and motivates action.

7) The market of selfishness is full. That’s where expectations grow. Help for a friend for selfishness, charity for fame, gift for appreciation, then these expectations are not fulfilled, then anger comes immediately. The same root interferes with self-welfare.

8) The lust for hope, desire, lust, finance never ends. Then there will be pain and suffering. E.g. If you want a child, you have to suffer from labour pains. When we have the human body the said diseases will come.

9) Those who attain introspection do not have birth or death. They reappear as incarnations for the salvation of the world.

10) Devotion is better than achievement,

11) If virtues increase, divinity is manifested in man.

12) I am Shankar, a resident of Kailash. I came here to explain God (Spirituality) to the people. You will understand this only through pure form of devotion. Make life worth living. ‘

Shri Shankar Maharaj was a Yogiraj, which is believed by many in many ways. He himself always used to say, ‘Don’t pursue achievement!’ But he unknowingly brought his yoga power to the attention of many. 

Some people want ‘achievement’ for ‘fame’! He grows fame, gets wealth, grows disciple-family!Therefore, Shri Shankar Maharaj used to say, ‘Do not follow the achievement’. He who had achieved the achievement himself, but never can withdraw the title of wealth, fame or disciple-family. They themselves did not pursue achievements in the true sense. But even medical scholars agreed that Shankar Maharaj was a supernatural man. Respected great Pandit Shankar Maharaj like Acharya Atre, Nyaratna Vinod. These scholars were aware of their merits.

He used to say, ‘I have no caste, no religion. He himself was really sympathetic to everyone. So, person with every religion is his follower. Some of the wisest scholars in fluent English used to visit him to seek answers. Who knows how and from where they came to know English!

Very simple teaching of Shri Shankar Maharaj:

Shri Shankar Maharaj did not give big lectures and discourses. No text has been criticized. The people who came had their simple guidance-

They say, ‘Oh! Conduct matters! As true as reading and studying scriptures is!

He would say, ‘It will be soaked with emotion, that hymn!’

He told many, ‘Serve the parents. Worship the deity. Nothing more.

But his brilliance and yoga power flowed from his face. Maharaj, who behaved like a child and called himself ignorant and a villager, kept his mouth shut when he spoke. Maharaja, who called himself uneducated, was fluent in almost all languages. They would answer people in the language of the devotee who came.

Shri Shankar Maharaj was fluent not only in Indian but also in foreign languages. This is an unsolved puzzle. Akkalkot Swami Samarth was addressed by Shankar Maharaj as his Guru.

Attitude of Shri Shankar Maharaj

The high status of the transcendental ascetic idol of Shri Shankar Maharaj can be seen in one of his simple utterances. He had said- ‘I have nothing less, because I have nothing to earn. And I have nothing, so I have nothing to lose. ‘

Shri Shankar Maharaj Charitra Chintan

I am a resident of Kailash, my name is Shankar.

Come to explain to the world, do something your home.

There are many colors in the world here. This color is wacky.

Who found the difference, it is very deep.

These are the words of Shankar Maharaj. On the morning of Kartik Shuddha Ashtami of 1785, Shri Narayan Antapurkar and his wife found a child at Antapur in Satana taluka. Mr. And a hundred. Narayan Antapurkar had no children and as he was a devotee of Shiva, he named this child Shankar. Later, the same boy Shankar went to the Himalayas. During his visit to India, he showed the nature of incarnation for his devotees.

Due to the change in the lives of the robbers in Satpuda area, they came to be known as Supadyaba Baba, Kunwarswamy in Khandesh, Gaurishankar, Devi Baba in Gujarat, Rahimbaba in Islam, Tobo in Africa, Noor Mohammad Khan in Arabia, Lahari Baba in Central India, Gurudev in the South.

Swami Samarth, a resident of Akkalkot, was considered by Shankar Maharaj as his Guru. He made the devotees chant Swami Seva.

Shri Shankar Maharaj

In the words of Maharaj– What is my caste, religion, creed? Don’t find it. Don’t argue with my appearance. Treat everyone with love. His teaching to his devotees was that those who perform miracles of achievement do not change their deeds. The Maharaj performed miracles to make the devotees proud or to test them. 

Pujya Shankar Maharaj, who showed the path of knowledge by rescuing the devotees from troubles, took Samadhi on April 26, 1947 at Padmavati in Dhankawadi area of ​​Pune. Sadguru Shankar Maharaj gave darshan to the devotees in that area. Now there are temples and Samadhi festival is celebrated everywhere on Vaishakh Shuddha Ashtami. Even today, the punyatithi of Shri Shankar Maharaj, who gives visions to devotees and runs hawks, is celebrated today.

Sadguru Shankar Maharaj used to say that me and my Guru are not different. Shri Swami Samarth is the chanting mantra of my Guru. He who knows himself knows me! This is their word. Swami Samarth was called “Master” by Sadguru Shankar Maharaj.

Sadguru Shri Shankar Maharaj used to say, ‘From the smoke of that incense or cigarette, I also wander the Trilokya, the waves of smoke are circulating all over the world. Shri Shankar Maharaj is communicating all over the world. Today, many devotees and seekers all over the country and abroad are experiencing the direct experience of Shri Shankar Maharaj and experiencing the smoke or fragrance of cigarettes. They are experiencing their promise that I am with you twenty-four hours a day. Your faith is important.

How Shri Shankar Gita was created

Around 1973, once Shri Bhasme and Shri Aghor Shastri were standing in line to visit Gajanan Maharaj of Akkalkot. Then Shri Aghor Shastri Shri Bhasmenna said, “I want to write the character of Shri Shankar Maharaj.” With wide eyes, Bhasme collected his thoughts and thought about it. But, Mr. Bhasme said nothing. Even Mr. Aghor Shastri did not bring up the issue with him again as it was not in his mind.

Nearly 12 years later, in 1985, he was standing in line for a darshan. Shri Bhasme took the right hand of Shri Aghor Shastri and said, “You have written so many saintly characters.

Wrote the character of Shri Gajanan Maharaj. Why don’t you write the character of our Guru? ” Shri Aghor Shastri said, “Bhasme, 12 years ago, while you were standing in line for the same work, I asked you, ‘I want to write the character of Shri Shankar Maharaj.’ You were silent at that time. ”

Bhasme said, “At that time, there was no order from the Maharaja. Now the maharaja has given the order. ” Mr Aghor said, “Okay. I write character. ” Thus it was decided to write a character. Shri Aghor Shastri went to Akkalkot and made a statement to Shri Gajanan Maharaj about getting permission to write the character of Shri Shankar Maharaj. Shri Gajanan Maharaj happily gave permission and also gave blessings.

Later the work of gathering information started and thus Shri Bhagwant Vasudev Aghor Shastri wrote ‘Shri Shankargita’.

Dhankawadi Math: Samadhi Place


In Pune, from Swargate to Katraj, on the Pune-Satara road, there is a beautiful Math (monastery) on the left-hand side. From Swargate the distance is approximately about 5 km. This is the monastery of Sadguru Shri Shankar Maharaj, where Shankar Maharaj’s holy Samadhi is.

There are various bhava mudras of Shri Shankar Maharaj in the temple. To the left of the tomb is the maharaj’s bed. The bed of the Maharaja and some of his items are stored in the bed room. Recently shifted at the back. There is a picture of Shri Sadguru Chile Maharaj in the bed room. Also, images of the Maharaj’s palanquin and the deities of the monastery are worshiped here.

At the back of the temple is the maharaja’s kitchen and the monastery office. There is a spacious meditation temple at the top of the sabhamandap, where large portraits of Shri Shankar Maharaj and Shri Swami Samarth are displayed. Gurucharitra, Dnyaneshwari, Dasbodh, etc. epic texts are recited.

There are sacred and ancient trees like Audumbar, Wad, Pimpal, Bell, Sandalwood in the premises of the monastery. In front of the Samadhi temple is the south facing temple of Lord Hanuman. Behind the temple of Shri Hanumana is the temple of Shri Datta Maharaj. There is a picture of Navnath in the temple of Shri Dattaguru. There is a Vada tree in front of Shri Dutta Mandir. His Padukas are established ( marble shoes at his feet) there. There is an ancient well under this tree, which is always filled with water due to the grace of the Maharaja. There is a temple of Shri Swami Samarth in the premises of the Math.


The new building of the monastery is on the left hand side as you enter the monastery through the north gate. The building has a kitchen for making mahaprasad, a spacious hall for receiving mahaprasad, an art gallery on selected occasions in the character of Shri Shankar Maharaj, pre-primary school / kindergarten, dispensary, two spacious halls for spiritual and religious programs, a granary and a monastery office.

To the right of this new building is a spacious courtyard where the annual Samadhi festival of the Maharaja is celebrated on a grand scale.

Overall, the premises of Shri Shankar Maharaj Math is very beautiful, quiet and holy.

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