Singing a Song for Myself?

Here I am writing a song for myself, feeling through a breezing wind, lasting whole winter and fall…making me icy and cold.

I am writing this post after an unexpected long break from everything I Love..yea I admit not a good move! Maybe it is a reminder to me that ‘things which you love doing are actually worthwhile.’ I call these stuffs “Sacred.” I believe “anything which does not bring peace and happiness to you can never be sacred.’ For a man who is walking tirelessly in scorching heat of dessert, suddenly the shadow of a tree brings a sigh of relief is a sacred thing for him in that moment. For a hungry homeless person, a meal can give him few more days to survive, is a sacred thing to him. For an injured soldier, the end of the war and a glimpse of his family can bring him such happiness which is incomparable to anything precious you and I can think of, is sacred for him.

It means on the walls of our empty hearts when we write something which is sacred for us. This story which we write brings love and hope is different for each and everyone. Although sometimes we break, by endless journey of life, but nothing seems to come in between our sacred stuff and us, it just keeps us so warm on the inside. We spend endless hours to keep it alive. All these intense emotions we feel, sometimes make us overwhelm and vulnerable from the inside. Sharing the sacred stuff, we have, makes us feel different and unique. It shows us the new realm about the endless love and warmth inside each one of us…the divine connection between our heart and us makes everything else disappear. It is divine and sacred. It is so wonderful that we feel empowered and divine totally lost in that moment.

Sometimes, while talking to other person we feel that in long time he/she can hear the story written on the walls on our heart, that moment when gravity pulls us two, sound of that song written on our heart can be heard by the other person, you can actually hear your heart pounding faster and faster, in that very moment when you look inside and see that it is the shadow of the other person hanging alongside those stories of yours. You feel connected. This is what happens when two individuals fall in love, when a mother holds her child, when a painter paints his muse, a reader reads that book, bird looks at the sky, when I write, singing a song inside and just want to disappear in that moment. Seems perfect!!!

It is not a fairy tale or superhuman thing.

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