Style the Bengali Look: A simple DIY

The famous Lal-paar saree is something I have wanted for a very long time.

Aishwarya Rai who wore it the best in Devdas or Jacqueline who looked gorgeous in the latest Genda Phool song, the Lal paar shada (white saree with red borders) has been quite popular in the MUST-HAVE sarees. Haven’t you always wanted to style the Bengali look for yourself?

The Lal paar or Garad saree is usually a plain white or off white saree with a beautiful red border. The white embodies purity and the red symbolises fertility. On festivals and special occasions, this is primarily donned by the women of Bengal.

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The saree speaks volumes with its simplicity. It is a classic heritage and is now gaining popularity beyond the lands of Bengal.

The saree is usually a handwoven one, primarily available in silk, cotton and linen. Many popular designers have their own rendition of the saree. Well, I wanted to design one for myself. Who doesn’t love a good DIY project?

How to Style the Bengali Look?

I created my own version of the Laal paar. I wore a beautiful silk saree with brocade work in off white. The gold zari highlights the border of the saree. I teamed this with a long-sleeved rich Ruby Red blouse. I styled the Bengali look with a choker in gold and earrings to match. You can tint your lips with the same rich red.

Voila! You’ll have an imitation of the Lal paar ready to be shown off.

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The idea is to marry the white with the red.

I have found many theories behind why the saree is worn. However, the most common one is that the saree signifies Maa Durga herself. For instance, the saree is draped in the “atpoure” Bengali style usually. The saree’s red border is meant to highlight the eyes just like those of Durga Maa’s.

Style credits:

  • Saree: I bought mine from Karagiri. In addition to the Lal paar, they have a lovely collection.
  • Blouse: Designed by yours truly.
  • Make-up and Hair: I did it myself, it’s a DIY right?

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