Summer wardrobe essentials

Summer wardrobe essentials

Hey, lovely people out there!

I know it’s been a long time and I haven’t posted a blog, please excuse me. I am sorry but look who’s back with a bang?

Just a couple of months ago I remember I went to shopping for those voluminous fur jackets and gigantic trench coats to survive myself from the chilly cold.

But don’t you think the summers just made a real quick comeback like a sweat ninja?

Summer wardrobe essentials


And I can’t believe I already bid goodbye to my gorgeous faux sweaters, sexy boots and those cute baker boy caps for, ooh I miss them already. 🙁

Wardrobe must-haves for every woman!

No worries let’s update our wardrobe with some colors, cotton, florals and airy clothes.

Summers can be really harsh and can make you gloomy with ovens like temperature and those hot blistering wind as if coming straight from the Sahara Desert can actually massacre your style quotient.

Its just April and the mercury has already been scorching and we all can anticipate the weather in the upcoming days.

Well, summers are fun if you know how to combat it, as summers can be dreadful and can literally preside/dominate your style, your mood, and everything. And you don’t want that right?

So summers need proper preparation for your skin as well as your wardrobe.

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Wardrobe in making!

As long as you know a lot and a lot of sunscreens would suffice the prevention from you being tanned, you will also need to upgrade your wardrobe with some basic yet essential items to beat the heat.

So today’s blog will be about how to withstand this fatigued weather looking stylish and trendy at the same time.

So you gotta sit down with a pen and a paper to make a list of few essentials/must have and do a checklist as you peruse through the blog further.

Also, I get a lot of compliments on Instagram on how I pose so good…

Thank you so much! By the way, I have noted a few points on that in a separate blog, you might want to read out that as well. click the link-


Summer wardrobe essentials
white t-shirt with blue jeans is a combination made in heaven


Classic white t-shirt-summer wardrobe basics

First and foremost item in my essentials list has to be a pure white shirt or a t-shirt. The summer wardrobe is incomplete without one right?

Now you might remember-your mom would always ask you to wear white and ditch all the colors in summers.

But when in grade 6/7th, science came in, we came to know why white topped the summer’s most wearable hue.

White is known for its cooling properties as White does not absorb the sunlight hence reflecting the light, it is considered cooler than any other color.

But here science has a twist to play.

Summer fashion essential-Basics are classics

It says white reflects light and also reflects the heat coming from our body(our body is a source of heat too) so it will keep us cool but it will keep the surrounding around us hot and vice versa for black.

Anyway, we will not go deeper with the science, rather we will go with our old Indian mom’s logic to be precise 😛 which states that wearing white will leave you calm, composed and cool in summers so why not?

Having said that white shirt/t-shirt is a versatile piece of clothing and it should be on the top while upgrading your wardrobe for summers.


Summer wardrobe essentials


A white t-shirt can be paired with what not.? It’s like a lump of clay which can be styled and matched by molding it with any piece of clothing or accessory. (if that makes sense .:P)

Summer wardrobe capsule

I personally love white t-shirts and I can blindly pick up one of them when I am not in a mood to get dressed in this blazing hot temperature outside also when I don’t want to howl and say “mere pass Kuch Nahi hai pehnne ko or me kya pehnnu?”.

It’s a piece that you can swear by for any causal events and play around it by pairing it with a skater skirt, colorful leggings, boyfriend jeans or dungarees adorned with some cute accessories.

In this look, I am wearing a very basic white Tshirt and blue jeans to escape the heat, and layered it with some funky accessories.

And to make the outfit little edgy I wore my chunky black boots and donned a black bum bag.


Summer wardrobe essentials

White shirt summer outfit

Now classic White shirt or any linen shirt is a  summer staple piece as it is highly sweat absorbent and a good conductor of heat which keeps you cool in summers 🙂

But be smart to choose your white shirt which stands out in terms of style because you don’t have to compromise on your style, right?

Now, how you do you do it?

Not just look for a button down classic white shirt, but also look for interesting details in the shirt which makes your shirt voguish.

Look for exciting details in sleeves, collar or the silhouette of the shirt.


Summer wardrobe essentials


In this look, I am wearing a white shirt with which I fell in love at first sight because of its sleeves and pearl buttons.

I love the way it fits me and how light I feel looking totally sophisticated and chic.right?


Summer wardrobe essentials


For the bottoms I wore a formal skirt I stole from my best friend(don’t tell her:P) to give this look a formal aesthetic. And added a bag and nude block heels to complete the look.


Guess what’s next in my list of requisites this summer? Kurti and kurta for awesome breeds like us. Yayyy!!

Summer cotton kurtis-summer clothing staples

Kurti and kurta are a piece which is less but more, which is minimalistic but timeless.




So ladies and my lovely girls take pride in wearing our culture which is simple yet modest.

Also, cotton Kurti tops are great for summers as they are very comfortable, look very elegant, when paired with jeans and some chunky earrings creates the best example for an Indo-western outfit.



If you are more into modern outfits but want to try Indian this summer, kick start your journey of grace and elegance with a well-fitted Kurti top which is neither too short nor too long.

I don’t wear Indian much but this time I bought a few Kurtis and kurtas to give my style a new break and I can’t keep my excitement.

To showcase my first ever Kurti top, I have paired this beautiful grey Kurti top which has pom-pom, coin and mirror detail to it with my pink palazzo.



You can pair it with any color denim or any trousers and you are ready to slay the Indiana my brown homies!!

Kurtas to the rescue in summers

Kurtas are very comfortable as well and easy to slip in during summers. They are easy breezy and effortless.

Pair it with jeans, palazzos or any trousers and style it with minimal jewelry and you are good to go.

What better than an all-white Chikankari kurta spilling all the poise and charm? Nothing right?



When in Odisha, I picked up this plain white Chikankari kurta which stole my heart at first glance. It’s white, its embroidered and it’s beautiful…Any other reason not to pick it up?

So in this look, I am pairing my white kurta with a colorful dupatta and pink palazzo for the bottoms and I am so in love with this outfit.




It’s perfect for a casual day or any event in summers.

Maxi dress

As the weather is roasting you, it can seriously turn your day into a nightmare that’s when a maxi dress or a shirt dress comes to rescue.


Summer wardrobe essentials


Easiest to slide into, maxi dresses are the one which comes in handy in summers when you don’t want to show too much of skin but still look sexy and well put.

Maxi dresses are flowy and airy.

Summer maxi dress No bathroom stress:P

Need more reasons to own Maxi dress this season? No bathroom stress !!

OK, When I say this I am being happy at the moment because one fine day a romper just ruined my date. 🙁

So from then, Maxi dresses have my best of friends because you are so in and out in this comfy dress.:P

Plus the biggest advantage of sliding into a maxi dress is that it looks flattering on every body type.

No, not kidding my ladies, yes it does!


Summer wardrobe essentials


Just throw on a maxi dress, a pair of sneakers and some dainty choker. It looks effortlessly sexy!

Also, shirt dresses are such a piece of intelligence, it’s just so multipurpose.

You wear it dress, as a kurta as a shrug and it will not compliant.



Summer wardrobe essentials


I am rocking this beautiful white floral maxi dress which instantly gives a beachy vibe right after I added this drum bag with my outfit which my love got from Thailand.


Summer wardrobe essentials



Summer shorts women-wardrobe essentials

Yayyyy!! Summers are all about showing your waxed legs which we girls always love to do on the go..right?

That means summers and shorts go hand in hand. And I can’t be more happy about it.

Give your legs some breathing space by wearing shorts in summers.

And flaunting some legs shall not harm anybody.


Summer wardrobe essentials


Update your wardrobe with all types of shorts be it classic denim shorts, be it cotton shorts or skorts.

They are hands down super duper comfortable and have a carefree vibe to it.

You can pair your shorts with a colorful legging underneath if you are not comfortable wearing them as it is or you can pair them with a long slit top. It looks super funky and cool. You can also throw on a shrug, kimono over it to add an element.


Summer wardrobe essentials


To give your look more edge and supercool vibe, go for sneakers and you are good to go!

Summer skirt outfits-skirt steak

On the other hand, skirts are the perfect substitute for shorts.

I personally love wearing skirts, they lift your personality at a stroke.

I have a bunch of them. I have skater, pencil, bodycon, long and the list goes on.

Anyway, Are you boomerang ready this summer? Twirl with your skirts rolling!!!

Embrace your girly girl side by wearing a skirt this season be it short or long.

Just be confident in whatever you are wearing.

For the first look, I am wearing this button down white denim skirt with some frayed details at the hemline.

Love how it oomphs my style and it looks so chic plus it’s very very comfortable for summers.


Summer wardrobe essentials


Paired it with my yellow ruffled gram worthy top, red sneakers and completed the look with my rainbow backpack.

In the second look, I am wearing my favorite pleated midi skirts…


Summer wardrobe essentials

Skirts make summers breathable

Midi skirts have been a global favorite for quite some time now and I am loving this metallic midi skirt which is perfect for summer parties where bling is a major code plus you don’t have to worry about the length of your!

How to Style pleated Midi skirts

Styled it with a red crop top and black boots and I am all party ready.

The third look is my favorite, because its the cutest miniature skirt I have seen and owned. Loving this white mini skirt, which I got from Sarojini itself. Completed the look with my leopard print top and red boots.


Summer wardrobe essentials


Boyfriend jeans

Now I can’t stress enough how much these boyfriend jeans or mom jeans are useful and utilitarian. These baggy jeans are our 80’s crush which apparently turned into love forever.

So it’s time to ditch our skinny siblings and adopt some mom ones.

Summer wardrobe 2019-Boyfriend jeans


Summer wardrobe essentials


They are comfortable plus they look dapper and chic at the same time without sticking to your skin to death.

Make sure you cinch your waist with a nice belt so it balances the bagginess of the jeans.

This masculine infused pair of jeans can be a little tricky to style. You need to decide whether you want to go all dressed up or want to go all casual with these pair.


Summer wardrobe essentials


When paired with a classic white shirt or a crop top and stilettos can create rage all over the streets looking totally sophisticated.

On the other way, you can go for a loose sweatshirt or a T-shirt with a loose and cuffed pair of jeans paired with sneakers for an ultra-chilled casual day out…

So I and my friend had a fun kinda outing that day so I kept my look really casual, opted for a white denim jacket to pair over my distressed boyfriend jeans and to jazz the look a bit I wore my all time favorite red boots.


Summer wardrobe essentials


Cami/spaghetti tops

Now, this is the ultimate wearable piece that needs to be installed in your wardrobe in this parched weather.

Summer fashion outfits

Anything more versatile than this? Hear me-you can wear it on anything and everything and style it in 100 different ways.


Summer wardrobe essentials


Summer fashion is meant to be easy breezy and hassle-free.right?

Spaghetti tops are light and cool.

Just throw on spaghetti or a camisole top and team it up with palazzos, skirts, jeans, shorts with some oxidized pieces of jewelry and you are ready to slay all the way.

And the best thing about them is that they suit women of every age and they come in every possible color so Yayyy on that.

Summer wardrobe essentials 2019

You can wear a shrug or a denim jacket or some colorful scarfs over it to make a statement.

In the first look, I am wearing this white spaghetti top which I got from Sarojini Nagar, Delhi.

This layered spaghetti top is very very comfortable and ideal for summers and this is the best way to beat the heat.


Summer wardrobe essentials


And for the bottoms, I am wearing blue jeans. I love the combination here that is simple, sweet and effortless.

Parties in summers can be really nasty and strugglful because you don’t wanna get sticky with sweat wearing that LBD while dancing all night right?

That’s when this sequined spaghetti top comes handy.

Blingier the top, better the party!

For the second look, I am wearing this blingy spaghetti top which I think is a rare piece to find anywhere. But luckily I found in Sarojini itself.


Summer wardrobe essentials


I am totally in love with this item as it’s perfect for parties in summers. So I think one should definitely own of this kind in their wardrobe.

Other essential items in my list for summer 2019 includes lots of hydration to you and your skin, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, hats, flip flops and many more.

So that’s it for this blog.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog as much as I did writing it. And also hope you to stay cool in this scorching heat. Have some watermelon or mango juice and get back to work!!

see you next time with a kick-ass blog.

till then

be happy and stylish



















































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