TIME is Name of My God

I get most of my ideas while I am jogging or sipping an evening tea or reading my favorite book. Those ideas seem worthy enough to solve most of the problems in the universe, but they seem like hanging from a fine thread of hope after endorphins wear off. Which made me believe that all our world problems could be solved if, everyone was a jogger or a reader.

This won’t be another post which will describe how we can do unsurmountable things in life or how you can be a millionaire in short span of time rather it is about something which we all experience but choose to ignore like our brain ignores our nose all the time. This entity is not a living entity still I consider it as the most powerful one. Some physicist says, in space it does not exist, it is merely an observation. But still, most of our lives revolves around it and you will be surprised to know that most people die because they feel they cannot control it. In my opinion, after reading this post, you will agree with me or agree to disagree.

Some would say this entity is money or luck or death or anything else, but I think the most powerful entity is one which cannot be controlled by anyone but still holds power over everything. Which cannot be seen or touched, however, it can be experienced. The entity is TIME. ….

TIME is the fascinating topic which has attracted thinkers since the ancient times.

Shakespeare in one of his sonnets has described the power of time and shown that even something as mighty as a river or bravest of the soldier can’t withstand the effects of Time.

Aristotle defines it as a type number. Abstracting TIME from motion is a discovery of him only, Plato says ‘TIME is a celestial motion.’

Albert Einstein formed his theory of general relativity, in which he said ‘’time is relative and flexible and dividing line between the past, present and future is just an illusion, so reality is just timeless.’’ In the early 20th century a different level of physics was developed called as quantum physics which superseded everything we knew at that time. As per the quantum mechanics, time is universal and absolute, means it has a mathematical value through which TIME can be measured. They divided the time into small packets called as quanta. But then what about Albert Einstein theory?

TIME has different meanings… If you ask any normal person about TIME, he might give you his TIME management talks. As per society, TIME is all about birth, growing old and death. Different religions give TIME a different definition which has stages like birth, aging, death and reincarnation. Eternity and immortality say TIME is infinite.

I have seen many people gone from riches to rags, from failure to successful, from single to married but yea married to being single again…none of these are wrong but the point here is conditions can change and it can be for anybody irrespective of the conditions. TIME does not choose someone based on gender, success, fame or money, not at all. Rather, it does not favor anyone even if they have everything (not literally). So why we all are working day after day and waiting for that pay day. Why, are you dreaming to get married to that person if getting married does not leave the chance that you can be single again? Well, because you will do it anyway!!! There is nothing wrong in doing what we want and striving for making it better and enjoying it. However, have you ever wondered how your next-door neighbor is not as smart and successful as you are? How come that not so good-looking childhood friend has the best of the girl as his wife? He was dumped so badly so how? It does not explain…your mind is boggled? Then you look back thinking what could have gone right for him and wrong for you?! You did not get the right answer? Well, his TIME has changed and so has yours. Rather than getting demoralized about it we should look it as TIME gives everyone opportunities however, those opportunities are different for everyone. That explains the ‘key to success is to be in the right place at the right time’ different for everyone.

Psychologists believe that in the brain there is a neurological circuit which regulates our perception of TIME called the biological or circadian rhythm. If this biological rhythm is disturbed, then it can cause many diseases.

Certain recreational drugs like cannabis, hashish slows TIME, altogether a different perception of TIME. People who enjoy their job think life is fast, and who do not enjoy their job think life is slow and boring. The entity is the same however, the way each person perceives it different. We cannot reverse it and make TIME go faster or slower as per our needs. So, you see we have our own different perceptions about TIME depending upon our circumstances but this entity itself is constant. It can not be controlled like we can control or stop our wristwatch. However, its effect is widespread in our life, and as you have seen TIME will be different for everyone, depending on different circumstances.

Judging anyone based on past or present circumstances can not tells us about his future as then circumstances will be different. The one thing we have control over is our own attitude and perception. This is the only entity which connects science and religion. It connects practicality with faith.

The whole idea of TIME gives us the benefit of enjoying the present without judging the past or future.

TIME waits for none!

Nothing is more real and more powerful than TIME.

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