valentine’s day outfits

Valentine’s day outfits

Hey everyone, I am back with another useful and interesting blog, but hey! wait, this isn’t any another blog about the outfits.

But it’s about The special outfit for the special day-the most romantic day of the year.

The month of love has begun and VALENTINE’S day is just around the corners.

So are you ready to impress your Valentine with your style game on that special day?


valentine's day outfits


Whether its an extravagant dinner affair with the love of your life or if you have plans to watch the romantic series with your beau at home.

Or if you are single then you might have dinner planned out with your girlfriends, family, and friends, you need to look beautiful, and more than looking beautiful, you need to feel your best in this V-day.

And for that, you have to put in little(not much)efforts.

And I being your wingman going to help each one of you to up your Fashion game by putting your dilemmas and anxiety aside.

Now that the V-day is arriving, the town’s going to be painted red.

And while your partner is planning to blindfold you for a  surprise dinner date tonight, you gotta invest a little in yourself for this special intimate day/night to look impeccable and memorable.

Valentine’s day outfit ideas

And to do so you gotta decide your outfit first and deciding your attire on Valentine’s day is quite a task. I know!

But don’t worry it’s not your wedding day, however also not less than that!

So I am gonna show you three classic ways to style up for you Valentine looking absolutely ravishing.

Look 1-

The classic RED dress

If one thing epitomizes Love, then it’s red! Isn’t it?

valentine's day outfits


So, yesterday, I dug into so many brands and found myself to like nothing as Valentine’s appropriate made me gloomy until I found my RED love.

I got my hands on this beautiful, gorgeous dress from the brand ITIBEYOU  which truly celebrates fashion in the correct form.

As I said on this very V-day the roads gonna be painted red and adding some more red shall not harm anyone. Red is the color of love and passion.

It indicates sensuality, voluptuousness, and desire.

Valentine’s day perfect red dress

So getting yourself the perfect red dress for Valentine’s day is the best thing you could invest in.


valentine's day outfits


No, it does not sound cliche, trust me red is more than just a color which definitely gonna make you feel powerful, beautiful and enthusiastic.

So girls and ladies!

1st valentine’s date outfit

Whether you are going on your first date or waiting eagerly for your hubby to come from the office for a preplanned romantic dinner date.


valentine's day outfits


You gotta look dreamy and feel confident. Right?

Impress your Valentine and take your date to another level with a dress like this.

I am all ready for my dinner date wearing this exquisite red maxi slip dress which has these cute eyelet details at the straps in the front.

The highlight of this dress is surely the knife pleats which makes the dress stand out other than it’s striking color.


valentine's day outfits


The moment I saw this dress, I imagined myself wearing this pretty piece on my date holding the wine.

“I have to have this right now”. I said to myself and the next moment I tried it on and the other moment I got it billed.

Valentine’s day date night outfits

You can never go wrong with a sensuous red dress on a day like Valentine’s.

Whether you have a candle night dinner or just a casual date, slip into your bewitching red dress and you are good to go!

This dress can be multifunctional if you style it adroitly.

It’s an A-line maxi dress with those few gorgeous pleats at the front till the hemline.

You can keep it as it is (A line) or outdo it by cinching your waist with a belt. It looks very eloquent and smart as you do this.

Now the best part of this dress is that it can be worn by any body type (not kidding guys), whether you have an apple shape or you are an hourglass, this dress is going to compliment and highlight your best parts and features.


valentine's day outfits


So coming to my look, I like to accentuate my waist because I am a mixture of petite and hourglass body type so I like to cinch my tiny waist with a belt or so.

This dress is already making such a bold statement with its bold and luscious color and its pleats, so I went bare neck and had a pair of these silver round earrings.

Nothing attracts attention like a red dress!

I love how this dress looks on me and I think this dress will elevate any mood and body type making you look awestruck and you are surely going to get some ear soothing compliments from your partner.

Also, this dress is a single tone so it’s adding some height to me as I am a short sport.

You can style and accessorize this dress in hell different ways by adding a scarf, a pair of dangles, neckpieces and etc.

To complete the look, you can carry a golden clutch(apart from that regular big tote) where you just need to stuff your essentials like a lipstick and some cards.

Also, you can done a  faux fur jacket over it when if you feel conscious wearing a slip dress.


valentine's day outfits


To conclude my red dress look I am carrying it off with a sling bag(as I don’t have a golden clutch :P) and nude heels, and ya that’s pretty much it.

Check out some red dresses for Valentine’s (I am sure you gonna love them)

Hey Desi divas, I have a thing for you too!

Hey my desi girls, its time to take out that red chiffon saree from your or your mom’s wardrobe which you got tailor made after being influenced by old Bollywood movies.

valentine's day outfits


Go all desi on Valentine’s- day, with a sultry red chiffon saree. You have no idea what a bombshell you’re gonna turn out.

Red plus saree is the best combination of contemporary yet cultural.

Drape 6 yards of sheer elegance on you, this Valentine’s day.

So opt for a red saree and surprise your Valentine by draping a mischievious yard of cloth filled with sophistication like this on yourself and trust me it’s very different and appropriate at the same time.

They say “nothing is sexier than women in a saree” for nothing.


valentine's day outfits


A red saree on Valentine’s day is definitely going to spice up the things and make your date memorable for the longest time.

I am wearing this gorgeous red chiffon saree which actually my mom owns.

To make the look little flirtatious and romantic, I went for this lacy black brallete instead of a defined blouse.

You can go with a crop top or the typical blouse if you want to underplay it. It looks equally smart and put together.


valentine's day outfits


If you want to add a little edge to the outfit you can incorporate a studded belt on your waist as I did.

This not only cinches your waist but also keeps your pleats in place(especially when you wearing chiffon).

Surprise your valentine with a desi attire.

Let your Valentine skip a beat while he sees you in a red chiffon saree on your V-day.

Finish up the look with dewy makeup with a lot of highlighter on your cheeks and red lips. Go for nude heels and a clutch.valentine's day outfits


If it’s not your best valentine’s day ever then blame me.!

look 3-

Lacy skater

A lacy skater dress like this is perfect for Valentine’s day as it purely symbolizes quirk and romance at the same time.

Skater dresses are my personal favorites as they suit almost every body type and it is super comfortable.


valentine's day outfits


Skater dress is a wardrobe staple and I think every girl should own one of this kind.

They are also called fit and flare so it looks super feminine with whimsical vibes.

Ignite the playful vibe within yourself wearing a skater dress.

On this Valentine’s day wear a lacy number like this whether you are going on a lunch date or you gonna ask your long term school crush for a coffee date or a day cocktail party.


valentine's day outfits

valentine's day outfits




Buy the perfect white lace skater dress here

some more-

Don’t forget to add some Valentine element to your getup!

I am wearing this super adorable white lace dress with a scalloped hemline which I got from eBay a couple of years ago.valentine's day outfits

And to add that Valentine element to the outfit I am pairing my white lacy dress with the red boots.

By the way, I recently wrote a blog on how to style these amazing pair of red boots. It’s very useful so be sure to check that out here

I tied my hair into a high ponytail to give that quirk and kinky vibe to the outfit.

And to finish the look I went for bold pink color on my lips and a pair of coin dangles on my ears.

Skater dress cocktail outfit

This look is a perfect example of less is more! This simple number is so reliable and looks super cute on anyone.

You can go for stacked jewelry bracelets on hands, or just tie a cute ribbon on your ponytail, you can never go wrong while experimenting with the skater dress.valentine's day outfits

But even if you are single, don’t worry you can always pamper yourself by going out on a date with yourself,or if you don’t wanna go out,then put some love songs in the home, tap your feet to dance on your favorite number like nobody’s business, bake something for yourself or wear a dress like this , put some lipstick and you are done for the day.


So that is it for this blog post on Valentines’ outfits. I hope these looks are super achievable and helpful for you guys. If you ask me my favorite look from the look book, it has to be that gorgeous red dress from ITIBEYOU.

valentine's day outfits

let me know which look you wanna recreate in the comment section below.


May you have the best one!

Will be back with an amazing blog the next time.

Till then

take care,

spread love

be happy























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